Hi again. The rheumi nurse told me in a recent phone conversation that swimming 'little and often' was best exercise for ra. As swimming is my chosen exercise - i used to swim at least 3 miles a week over 4 sessions, i am now motivated to get back swimming regulary, however i wondered if anyone out ther can help with advice as to how to 'pull' a costume on. I bought a 2 piece costume (not bikini) but more vest and shorts, thinking they would be easier than a 1 piece to put on. Decided to put on at home with clothes over top. An hour and full body work out later, finally had costume on. Dont want to stop swiming, but any help with how to easily get a swimming costume on would be appreciated. Am seeing nurse next tues so will ask her advice also.

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  • I have a tankini which I pull down over my head to put on, and pull down over my legs to get off. The bottom half goes on as usual. I also cheat and get my hubby to go with me, we use a family cubicle so he can help if I get stuck. When I was on holiday, there wasn't such a cubicle in the hotel, so I changed in our room.

  • I'm sorry I can't be of much help but having had RA my whole life my understanding of the benefits of swimming is a bit different. I personally can't use an ordinary pool for lots of reasons; getting in and out, but also the water in most public swimming pools is too cold for people with RA. For it to be truly beneficial it needs to be warm water. Is there a baby pool near to you? If I did go swimming (I did occasionally in my youth) I usually used the baby pool because the water is warmer and far better for RA joints. It was also far easier to get in and out. As for cosies I am not sure I can help with that one but hopefully someone here can.

  • I admire you for trying to keep going. My main problem has been to find a pool with decent steps rather than a ladder. Some days just putting on socks can be a trial. I suppose theres a tension between having a cossie that fits and one that isnt too tight to pull up with bad hands. it'll be nice to hear any practical hints

  • Unfortunately jacquie, i have no live in 'other half' to help me. Cathie my pool has a ladder at one end, and a ramp at the other so its easy to get into, and yes, even socks are a challenge most days. Pinksugarmouse i do like the idea of warmer water, and will try the baby pool next time.

  • Sorry I have no more advice.

  • I like to swim also. I buy a generous one piece a size too big. I can then pull it on more easily. In fact I have 3 of the exact same suit in different colors.

    Don't know if that would work for you.


  • I'll give that a try jo, thanks for that tip.

  • Hi I go swimming regularly and yes it does help for me. I.gave a pull on cossie. I sit on the bed and manage to get it up as far as.my waist then sort of stand up to get it up further. Yes it xan be difficult but I try.hope it doss for you have you tries a gadget bit like a large shoe join that helps me. Good luck

  • I have swimsuits that are slightly too large and also have a lining, called tug free. I buy them on line. I am also fortunate in that I go to a pool with steps and a handrail (they also have a hoist).

    Also I go to aquafit and the women there all help each other, doing up each others' bras, etc. in the communal part of the changing room. It sometimes gets quite hilarious and our tutor for the class, dissolving into laughter, says she needs a carer's allowance! Quite a few who come have been referred under the Exercise Referral Scheme and have a wide range of disabilities, so we all help each other.

    Have you any friend that you could go with?

  • Hi.

    Like Multijo and oldtimer I also have a one piece which is a size bigger than I would normally wear.

    I am unable to use a pool at present as I have an open wound from a leg ulcer,but when I use a pool it is a hydrotherapy pool.

    It is at the hospital where I visit my rheumy.It is always warm ,the air in the pool area is warm ,and there are steps to get into the pool.Activities in the warm water are so easy and it makes your limbs feel great.I don't want to come out of there.

    Unfortunately the hospital is 38 miles away from my home so I could only manage to get there twice per week.If it was closer I would have gone more often.

    Going back to the swimming costume,I usually put mine on at home before I go to the pool so I just have to take my clothes off and get in the pool and then I Pull the costume down and over my feet so it makes it so much easier.

    Happy swimming.



  • I haven't been swimming locally for a while but definitely going to start soon, but when on holiday I take a long handled back scratcher (has a claw-like hand on the end) and this helps to pull the back and sides of the swimming costume on and up. When my aches and pains are really bad I even use it to pull my bra into place properly.

    Like the others finding a pool that has easy access steps or ramp or ladder is the problem for me.

  • It seems the advice is to go for a size larger 1 piece, which i have ordered on line today. And martinilady, i have a long handled back scratcher which i will utilise as a swimming costume puller upper if i need. Thanks for that tip. I'll look online for swimming costumes with tug free linings old timer. Thank you all for your good advice.

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