Sore hands anyone

Sore hands anyone

Further to my post yesterday does everyone know that most if not all tablets and smart phones have a microphone on the keyboard so you can dictate an email, text or forum post.

Someone told me about it recently and it's brilliant.

I use an iPhone and iPad but other devices have it too.

Hope it helps. I've attached a photo 📸

Love to all

Kiki Lee

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  • Yes, it's brilliant. I use it - when I remember! It does come up with some funny things, sometimes -a bit like predictive texting - so one does need to keep an eye on it!

    I'm sorry your hands are so sore Kiki. Mine are too, and strangely, it's often NOT worse in the mornings, but in the evening. As well as sore, they are pathetically weak. These gripper things for undoing lids are all very well, but one has to grip the gripper! J x

  • Exactly Jo, I find it frustrating!

    I've been known to go to the neighbours for help and if a friend comes for coffee they often get roped into chopping something.

    How's you generally?

    Text me?



  • I'll text later, Kiki. At the moment, I'm engrossed in my Tax Return which is woefully late. It's all too easy to get distracted. Avoidance behaviour! XX

  • Have a look on QVC ......I just bought a jar opening gadget made by a Swiss manufacturer....takes a little bit of getting used to but It's the first one I have actually managed to open a jam jar with!

    Not cheap...around £18......but it's bliss not wanting to throw the wretched jar out of the window !

    The same manufacturer make a chopping gadget where you just cut an onion in quarters then pop it into the bowl & turn a handle on the top.

  • Thanks. I'll take a look at the moment. Could be very useful once the builders next door have left!

  • Thanks for that i will look at that as my hands are bad at the

  • Like JOra says Sylvi you get some interesting sentences. Well I do anyway, must be my accent ☺️

  • Hi

    I recently bought a brabantia universal opener from Amazon looks abit like a tin opener . Its only about £7 and it's great for milk cartons , screw tops and other things . Also bought a little plastic hook like thing for ring pulls which has been useful too . good tip for the microphone 👍

  • Thank you for the hands are sore too. So far I've managed with a magic can opener but this morning I decided an electric can opener is a definite need.

    Anyone have ideas/ tips about how to open those pesky zip lock plastic pouches?? Or how to press the tiny on / off button on the electric toothbrush? It's hard enough to grip the toothbrush first thing in the morning without splattering toothpaste everywhere 😂

    Thanks in advance xxx

  • I sometimes press my toothbrush against the edge of the basin. Or I resort to a manual toothbrush if it's a really bad day and I can't hold the electric one.

  • Thanks Jora & Kikideelili....I will try your tips re: electric toothbrush. 😬 On bad days I settle for the manual toothbrush too. X

  • Great question Ksee I really struggle with zip lock bags and my electric toothbrush. With the toothbrush could you press it onto something? Or keep a teaspoon in the bath room?

  • My hands are very sore at the moment,also very weak,everything seems so heavy,i am looking for some lightweight oven dishes,as mine are all stoneware,any ideas.Also have problems with the toothbrush button,can't see the mirror for spattered toothpaste! X

  • I'm also looking for lightweight oven dishes. Pyrex ones are quite heavy too aren't they. I wondered if they still made the enamel ones that they used years ago - will have a look online later. They were quite lightweight as I remember.

  • Lakeland have a good range of enamel dishes - also silicone ones. Their customer service is second to none and if you ordered something which didn't suit I am sure they would refund or replace.

  • Great, thanks will check those out! :-)

  • I agree about Lakeland's customer service. I bought a floor steamer that stopped steaming after a couple of YEARS! Without me asking they replaced it straight away & said their steamers are guaranteed for 5 years!

    Who else would do that these days?

  • Yes I have an enamel self casting cass dish I got in Argos that is nice and light.

  • Basting!

  • Try the pound shops.....they aren't exactly the Design Centre, & are not non stick but they are made of some sort of light metal & at such a price you can just bay another one when it looks worn!

    I also have old fashioned aluminium pie can make a stew in the large size ...just use tinfoil for a lid!

    Or buy a slow cooker.....& let someone else wash it up!

    Have you tried battery toothbrushes....they seem easier to turn On/off?

  • I use it all the time but I do urge that if you use it you read VERY carefully what you have written.

    My iPad seems to have a vocabulary that could cause great offence with the rude words it transcribes from my polite banter!

  • He he ☺️

  • Yes that is fab isn't it?! We don't have to hammer out hands as much!

    Hope you are alright? Technology playing up again and I couldn't get on here on my mobile. Hope it behaves now. Waiting for the MacBook Pro to come out now. Need any day now from Apple. xx

  • Hi!

    Long time no hear. I'm doing ok ta. How's you?

  • Hi Kiki! Tech problems again! I'm not bad thanks. Got my next Rituximabs booked for December. Hope you are inflammation free. My Orthotics .. A shambles .. Still waiting for them. Will do a post/update very soon! Argh.

  • Good luck with the Ritux. I had cycle 14 in July. RA doing ok but OA in hands feet and back causing pain and stiffness.

  • Isn't it great?

    But you could really make a BIG mistake if you don't read what appears on the screen!

    My iPad know some really rude words!

  • Ha ha agedcrone! You are so right.

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