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Flu jab & Benepali


I went to the Drs this morning to have my flu jab but the nurse advised me not to have it as I take benepali and that I should check with rheumatologist, I left a message with the rheumatology nurse but she's not got back to me yet so I was just wondering if anyone here knew ?

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I'm about to start benepali and my rheumatology specialist has advised for me to have the flu and pneumonia vaccination

Very interesting. This is exactly my position... GP surgery notes did not flag that I needed a flu jab. Left message for my Rheumatology nurse but waiting a reply. About to start Benepali but in addition I have latent TB so currently on TB antibiotics so want her advice first. Will post her reply.

Hi Kerry.

I have had flu jabs when on all the different biologics that I have been on including Benepali.

The flu vaccine is safe to have. You need to be careful with other vaccinations that are classed as 'live' vaccines.

Hope this helps.

It's because you are on Benepali that you need the flu jab.

Obviously not withstanding your age or if you fall into one of the other categories that need it regardless.

It is not a live virus as others have mentioned and it is very important you have it. Having the jab will not give you flu.

I am being given the pneumonia jab as well because I'm on Biologics.


I am on Ritxumab and I can have the flu jab but it has to be 8 weeks after treatment, so I would contact your Rheumatoid nurse

Im on benapali and have had my flu jab, no problems except ichy arm then a bit sore.

Good that the nurse was looking out for you, but she doesn't know her onions so to speak.

It's not a live vaccine so there should be no issues generally speaking. I have mine and am on biologics also.


Thank you for all the replys, I will go ahead and make an appointment

Sorry if this is a duplication....but my Post disappeared into the ether.

I'm on RTX, & rheumy said must not have flu jab less than four weeks before or less than 8 weeks after infusion.

So ASK.......Don't guess....with RTX apparently the flu jab would lessen its efficacy.

I'm on Benepali and had my flu jab 2 weeks ago. You def need to have it (at least that was all the advise I had from diff people). I also have asthma so would always have it for that too.

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