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Timing of flu jab with methotrexate

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Hi, I take my methotrexate on a Monday and just realised that my flu jab is due the same day. I'll check with the nurse but just wondered what advice you have received about the timing of the jab.? I'm concerned the mtx will stop the jab working.

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Oh heck I never thought of that I had flu jab yesterday and take methotrexate tonight will be interesting to know when we should have it x

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Hope yours went well Jen. I know they say it shouldn't happen but in the past I've caught pretty nasty colds within days of the jab and been quite poorly. Fingers crossed though as last year went well.

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Just had mine on Wedn. - take mtx on a Thurs. but all the nurse asks is "are you well" as if you have a cold or cough etc. they may delay the jab. But I doubt it will matter if its the same day (my nurse was also taking my monthly bloods so knows I am mtx)

Lynn x

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Thanks Lynn :-) I hope you're well after yours? Maybe I just worry too much but I wish we had more guidance on things like this. x

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I had my flu jab last Tuesday, day after MTX. I have never given it any thought over the years. I had no side effects from the jab at all, not even a sore arm this year. I think as long as you are well in yourself (ie not running a fever, have cough, cold etc) they will let you have it regardless of the day. Best wishes.

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For several years now I have injected Mtx and Had Flu jab on same day as that is the clinic day. No side effects so far!! Good luck.

Thanks for the advice. It really does help to know what others do in the same situation :-)

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I know what you mean paulywoo. I never thought to ask about getting the jab on the same day or not, I just assume (?!) they know what they're doing and would tell me if it should be done on the mtx day or not. But it's about the 7th time I've had the jab and so far so good. My arm is a bit sore where the jab is and one year I remember feeling a bit under the weather a few days afterwards but then you never know if it's that or just general RA misery!! Worth getting it though - some of the flu's can be horrendous.


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Hello Paulywoo, I was at my Dr last Monday with a chest infection he still gave me my flu jab, also Monday is my day for my Mtx so don't worry get your flu jab and be safe. X

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Hi I phoned my rheumy yesterday to ask that question as I have my flu jab booked for the same day as I inject my MTX and she told me it was fine to have on the same day. x

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Hi the flu vaccine is inactive or"dead" if you prefer so you shouldnt have any problems x

Thanks for all your replies. It's brilliant to have this lovely community for support and must save the specialist nurses a lot of time in phone calls. x x

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