Low grade fevers?

I'm still getting low grade fevers many/most days. It's been a few months. I finally started my immune suppressant (Avara) a few weeks ago along with 15 days of prednisone but they continue.

Next week I see my urologist to figure out if my bladder problems are bladder dysfunction or if some of it is coming from my kidneys. Last time I went into after hours they said because I have an auto-immune disease they don't really consider it to do with an infection, unless it's over like 100-101.

Usually it's in 99.2-99.8 range, when it's not "normal" temp.

Do you all get low grade fevers like this?

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  • The leflunomide will take a while to start working so the high temperatures could continue. Pred can cause your temp to go up too. I still get night sweats occasionally but generally my temperature is low, usually about 97.7 (36.5 c) so anything above 99 is a high temperature. You could monitor your temperature and make a note of it over a week and take it with you to show what is normal for you and what is high.

  • Thank you for the advice on writing down. I didn't know that about prednisone!

  • When I take pred I get awful night sweats.

  • I swear I'm a hypochondriac now. Every little thing has me edgy. Once I finally feel better maybe I can shake the anxiety triggers around all my symptoms.

  • I feel like that sometimes too. Everything should calm down once you are better controlled. I was on leflunomide for about 8 years before needing to try something else. While on it I trained to be a teacher and started working. Hopefully it will start to work soon 😊

  • That's wonderful to hear! Glad you are better and hope the new med is working 😊

  • 97 to 99 is considered normal, your max is 99.8 thats fractionally above normal but it will all be relevant to your state of health, inflammation, monthlies, weight gain, exercise, external heat, dehydration,medication and even something as mundane as constipation. And like previous posts steroids, especially at night

  • I get horrible burns all day+ night. Its driving me insane It was my initial complaint everybody just shakes their head Drs! I used to get a suntan. Its so disabling I though evening primrose helped for a week but no!! I have a nightime frequency complaint also Thought it was getting a bit better when I stopped drinking tea. But that was temporary also All I know is in the beginning I had fibroid lying across my bladder Hysterectomy didn't help. Its awful I know how you feel I have 2 immune diseases hypothyroidism and Rheumatoid with anaemia I take vesicare. Does your frequency keep you up?? Then the night swears also. Well it'll be winter soon and I can enjoy my heat pad 😰😰😰

  • Yes! It absolutely wakes me up! I wake up in a sweat. It's awful. I hear you on the Dr's!!! I had a hysterectomy back when I wasn't sure what was "wrong" with me. Seemed reasonable (I had other issues too and I am very happy I did it!). Didn't help. I've had fevers off/on for a long time now but I guess it's because I'm in a flare that seems to have no end, they just aren't going away this time.

    Being chronically ill, is not the easiest thing I've ever done. Ugh.

    I'm with you - I can't wait until I can break out my heaty blanket!

  • I sympathize really It was the beginning of all my problems few yrs ago and I associate it with inflammation my bowel joints everything Im starting mxth. this week I'm anxious but ready for new txt Any improvement I'll give you a reply. Not long ago Sambs replied to one of my posts she said she has 2 immune diseases and there's a lot of us ladies suffering immune nightmares It a curse on your life If your bladder keeps you awake try ice pack ridiculous the things I've had to learn. Lots of good wishes Take care xxx

  • Thank you ❤️❤️ ice pack. I'll try that! Urology is on Wednesday. Not sure what I'm expecting. I wish I would have had my uterus out years ago. I think my inflammation war began with uterine infections. I'm not sure why I tried to keep that thing so long. I'm just trying to make it back to 75% at this point. I'm not really expecting 100% anymore. Heck, I'll take 50%!

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