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Low grade temperature

Hello all, anybody else know if they are running a low grade temperature? I felt a bit heady and checked it about two months ago and find I'm running between 37.2 and 37.7 daily. I'm well past child bearing age so the info is useless to me but wondering if this is something I should inform someone about. Prior to RA diagnosis if I hit over 37 I would be jibbering wreck tucked in bed I feel tired after short few hours in the day but that could be just the RA. Any ideas people?

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I quite often get a low grade fever ( well, sometimes not so low) between 37.5 and 38.4) when I'm in flair. I read somewhere that this can be part of the disease process. It's invariably accompanied by a fluey feeling and a blinding headache, do I do take to my bed. Jora


Thanks for your reply I did pen a reply but can't see it now so may be lost in great blue yonder. My headache never goes beyond mugginess but I do get worn out and often not flaring. Informed RA nurse she told me to take Folic Acid every day except Mtx day. Hasn't made any difference. Must be one of those irritating draining side effect of disease that is too nondescript to be important. X


Do you know what your ESR/CRP levels have been like? Often inflammation can cause low grade fevers, so if you're levels are a bit high that could be causing it.


Last had bloods done in September and heard nothing more so presume all ok. Have never had raised esr or crp. Just general sore throats that amount to nothing after 24 hours. Thanks for replying.


If you don't feel good, and you are running a temperature, then it probably would be a good idea to get checked out. Low grade temps can be something that people with RD get when in a flare, but other things need ruling out too if you aren't feeling good.


Thanks Earthwitch will probably do that. New GP said she would check to see if side effect of Mtx.


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