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Morning. Just wondering about travel insurance for my upcoming holiday. We have travel insurance through my bank, but last year when I phoned up to declare my AS, I was told that my insurance would not cover anything to do with it!! So I'm now wondering what to do? Is it possible to pay a one off amount for a trip, or do you have to take out an annual policy? We're going to France and have European Health Insurance Cards, and wondering if I would be covered by that? If anyone has details of insurance companies they have used, would really appreciate if you could pass me the details. Thanks.

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  • Hi - I searched around and found for me and my husband for a one off trip on a cruise to Europe (inc Russia) for 2 weeks Explorer Premium gave us the best cover - but then I have RA and he doesn't have any medical concerns to declare - happy hunting! Btw- there are a lot if 'chats' about that subject on this forum and we all have a variety of needs so my suggestion would be to spend sometime shopping about.

  • I used a comparison website so that I could see a range of premiums for both one off and for annual cover.

    You can also see what is covered on an EHIC on NHS sites like this, which might help you decide on what to do:

  • The free insurance policies you get with bank accounts and so on tend to be pretty useless, as there are so many wrinkles in the small print that hard to claim for anything even if you don't have RA.

    There are a lot of travel insurance companies that will cover people with RA, either annual policies (which tend to be comparatively cheaper) or for a single trip. NRAS used to keep a list of ones used most by members so phone help line and ask. If it is just in Europe then shouldn't be that much, and not massively different between RA and non RA policies. It is cover for the US that is horrific.

    Personally for Europe I don't bother as the EHIC card covers you for emergencies and gives same healthcare cover as a national of that country. So for France emergency cover is free and anything routine you have to pay around 30% - so a visit to a GP would be around £7.

    But it depends on your state of health and how resilient you feel. And whether you want the other things that come with travel insurance like lost baggage cover which doesn't bother me. I am in good health and so my concern would be only for accidents which are covered by EHIC apart from repatriation.

  • I agree the EHIC is useful...but it only covers clinical issues in public hospitals.

    Read the horror stories on line of those in debt for life who fell ill abroad with no insurance.

    If you break your leg & need three seats on an aircraft to fly have to pay for that doesn't pay for someone to stay with you either which most travel insurance does.....vital if you have children with you.

    Worst nightmare is if you have an accident & you are taken to a private hospital EHIC won't cover you.

    Also cancellation, delays, lost luggage, lost other items, lost passport those I can't think of aren't covered.

    Please everybody think very carefully about going abroad without travel insurance!!!

  • Yes it's a choice. I personally hate insurance companies who basically gear everything to ensure they make a healthy profit. So I keep to the minimum required and I reckon that over my lifetime so far I've more than broken even.

    But as you say, things change as we get older! Times were when I travelled back to uk lying on floor of a very cheap bus with a broken leg....not sure I could do that now!

  • Do be very careful relying on the "Free" travel insurance offered by banks.If you read the very small print you will probably find something you thought was covered - isn't.

    One tip....look at your house insurance policy....that often covers goods away from home - so you can knock off baggage insurance ....doesn't save much...but every penny helps!

    You can get single trip travel insurance very easily...if you Google travel insurance " with health issues" there are quite a few companies who provide this.

    I have a list of 2 A4 pages of health issues & I have always found the broker

    Insurance Choice ( very helpful. They even bothered to suggest I renew a week early to avoid going up into the next age bracket.

    This year I paid £137 for an annual European Policy...but as I go away quite a lot...usually for 3 or 4 weeks at a time I think that is pretty reasonable for an oldie.

    Beware when you reach 70+, my friend has just paid £400 for travel insurance for 3 weeks in USA, &'apart from his age has no health do all your long haul trips whilst you are young!

    Happy Holidays Mhairi!

  • I came across some input from a colleague on a Facebook posting for insurancewith (all one word) with a glowing reference. I am always sceptical of things that seem too good to be true but looking at comments appear very positive.

    Worth looking at Martin Lewis's MSE website

    insurancewith get a mention and there are a lot of useful tips. Personally I have also used which seemed competitive to me. But with all insurance you only know how good it really is if you have to make a claim. As with all things "caveat emptor", choose carefully.

  • I have claimed twice on travel insurance. The first time after arriving in Capetown I was violently ill with D&V. Promptly decided the aircraft food has poisoned me...only to be diagnosed with the Norovirus I had obviously left UK with! The Insco paid for hospital stay in full.

    Second time I injured my shoulder & the Insco found a clinic within 5 mins walk of my hotel....I continued my holiday having treatment, & again Insco paid in full.

    So I will stay with my broker & take their advice on which policy to buy.

    Until I get so old they say they can't find anyone to insure me!!!

  • I used to struggle to get a reasonable priced travel insurance but then I came across Freedom travel insurance. Because I've had many joint replacements and dislocated twice most companies charged a premium , freedom covered all my conditions for a very good price .

  • Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has replied to me. Today has been crazy busy and I haven't had the time to read all your posts, and to be honest I'm so tired tonight that I am planning on having an early night. So will read all your replies tomorrow and digest all the information properly then! Just didn't want anyone thinking I was being ungrateful for not replying. Has anyone else had a day like that? I feel as though I could fall asleep at the drop a hat at the moment. Night night. x

  • I use a Medicaltravel comparison site. I do end up ringing a company I think is for me, just to make sure I have included all my ailments lol. This was invaluable in 2015 when I had to use the cancellation part of the policy, we had booked a tour in New England, USA. I had a UTI that wouldn't clear for several months. They paid out. The last policy I took out was for France and it was very reasonable, it was only for 10 days I am over 70. Good luck X

  • I always use Lloyds Bank for travel insurance. They don't add much in when I declare I have JIA and are very reasonable. You can take out a single or multi trip with them. Try a quote and see what it comes back with. Hope you have a lovely holiday ☀️☀️ X

  • I use your

    Declared my RA and joint replacements

    £11 for a week in Canary Isles

    Thought that was pretty good 😃

  • I use "Insure and Go". Bearing in mind that I have another long term health condition last Sept I paid £21.05 for 7 days in Italy and this April (after a RA diagnosis) I paid £28.30 for 8 days in Italy - both these were "Silver" level of cover. V

  • I use allclear who cover all medical conditions, Im not aware of what a single trip would cost as I take the annual one. They also can include a cruise add on which covers things that a normal insurance doesnt.

  • LV? they cover us for RA, highBP, prostatitis in an annual policy - good luck and enjoy your trip

  • ps in our 70s so get cover just for Europe now

  • I also use insure and go I have High Blood pressure as well as RA . Last year for a 2 week cruise it cost me £12


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