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Travel insurance advice please for RA sufferer

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Newly diagnosed with RA last year on various meds but still in lots of pain and worse in the cold weather.Want to to book a hol abroad somewhere warm and wondered if anyone has advice on travel insurance please ie who to use when you have RA.

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I travel all over the world with my job, or at least I did before the recession, now it's not so often, altho I have just been to China and i'm off to cologne next week. I have personal travel insurance and company one. So long as, when they ask the question about existing medical conditions, you put rheumatoid arthritis, all the companys are fine as they consider this low risk. If in doubt speak to someone on a phone or go through an insurance broker. Hope this helps.

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Thanks everyone for all your replies. It's been very helpful. I shall approach someone and look forward to going somewhere warm. Feeling fed up as have been on meds since last August but still in too much pain for my liking and regular bloods a bit up and down. Plus side is I'm able to tolerate methotrexate but have lost my appetite which I believe can be down to the hydroxychloroquine. Also very sore mouth. Are you just supposed to live with the pain and take painkillers that don't seem to work? Thought the dmards would stop the pain when they kicked in but what do I know?

Hi, I went to Cyprus a couple of years ago, got travel insurance with the AA, (phoned them for a quote as cars have been covered for breadown with them for years and at the time they were offering a good deal on travel insurance), I told them of the RA and everything was fine, it didn'1 cost any extra, but you do need to declare it just in case anything happened while you were away, at least you would have peace of mind. Have a lovely time, ooh warm sun!

I got Travel insurance last yr and it was no dearer RA or not RA,any broker will do travel insurance for you,as Stuart said we are low risk.just make sure you do say you have RA to cover Michelle x

Just like everyone else says. You may find that you aren't covered for pre-existing conditions, but RA is not generally something that you would be needing emergency care for anyway. If you don't declare it though, that could invalidate the whole policy.

My building society do my travel insurance free and i disclosed my ra.

I got charged an extra £3 for annual travel insurance - I think it's mainly to cover the extra expense of going through a medical screening questionaire.

Insure and Go or Travelbility have always been good for me!

Been to USA several times since being diagnosed. We took out travel insurance through Post Office first time and other companies other time (cant remember who now!) but told them I had RA just in case Murphy's Law applied when I was away. It only cost an extra £16 for me so not bad. (And that was insurance that lasted for a year, no matter how many trips) If in doubt, disclose it up front as you will need them to know in case you need something when you're away (hopefully not). xx

Hi, I have always been told that as long as you are not taking recently taking a new med and you have been taking your existing meds for a while without any side effects, etc you are fine for travel insurance. Also you have to tell them if you are awaiting anything like any scan results.


Post office are good and Thompson travel insurance are good i just paid a bit extra for my policy and have had no problems if i need medical treatment so try them out they were good for me x

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Thanks everyone for your replies. Holiday booked somewhere warm!

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