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Any advice on Travel Insurance?

Morning, I am traveling to Malta (excited but also a little worries as its my first trip after diagnosis without my hubby....traveling with my mother for some R&R!). I have RA and previously some insurance companies have charged extra (but no all). Does anyone have any recommendations for companies (not sure if I am allowed to if the moderators remove this I totally understand)?

Many thanks in advance

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I dont have to pay extra. I get mine through Got world wide 1 year and I do travel world wide:-) When it asks if you have any pre-exsisting conditions i put RA but there was no extra cost


Hi I get mine through virgin,and they don't charge any more but always make sure u disclose RA.happy holidays :))))) xx


You definitely do need to declare it. You then sometimes get the choice as to whether you have RA included (at an additional cost) or leave it as an exclusion. If you have a think about whether you really would be seeking treatment for your RA, it may just be that actually its not the RA you need insurance for, its the other accidental things, and you'd be OK with it excluded. Also, look at what the excess is for anything to do with existing conditions. I usually go with accepting exclusions for existing conditions, though I always read the fine print each time I get insurance, and whichever way, you still have to inform the company.


I think my travel insurance cost me about £10 more a year after I declared I had RA. But I decided to make it obvious and included as if you exclude anything related to RA or don't declare it then you run the risk that any claim would be thrown out as the company would say it was RA related (eg fell over and broke your leg...well RA made you wobble). I'm think I used insure and go to find the cover I wanted for a reasonable cost. Enjoy Malta! Polly


Hi KylaC, we do have a list of travel insurers that our members have successfully used in the past. If you would like this information then please send us an email at

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hi used AA travel insurance last week had a reasonable multi trip premium


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