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Hi all,

Wondered if other people have had issues with getting Life Insurance. I have recently moved property and wanted to up mine and oh life insurance.

It has taken 4 months for them to get back to me and basically following the report from the GP I have been refused on medical issues by the underwriters. I have insurance with this company already which is why its difficult to understand why they have refused, and have always been open about my RD (which they do not pay out on as it is sero-negative) and my recent diagnosis with Optic Neuritis.

If anyone has any suggestions of other companies who would genuinely look at insuring me, with my health issues, they would be gratefully received. I hate feeling that if anything were to happen to me I would leave my children or oh in a financial quagmire; as the major bread winner in the household it doesn't sit well to have no life cover.


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Hi Ruth,

Assuming you are in the UK, the NRAS Helpline has a list of insurers which other Members have suggested to us so if you email them ( or call (0800 298 7650 Mon-Fri 9.30-4.30pm) they can send you a copy.

Hope that helps,



thanks Emma.


I would wonder if it was the Optic Neuritis that was causing more bother with the insurers, as it can often be associated with MS, and perhaps their statistical risk assessments make a bit more of that association.


Thanks earthwitch

You are probably right about the ON being the reason. Its just disappointing that you can be excluded due to having health issues, even though the ones you have you can't claim for, and that I have been with this company for many years.

The ON has also been proven that it is not MS related and that I have a rare anti-body which has caused it; I am in a research group for this as it is so rare!

I am looking into life insurance without critical illness now and as Kai-- has suggested put money away in addition to the insurance to cover my mortgage.


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Agree with earthwitch, it isn't the ON per se, but the statistical analyses that insurers use may have highlighted an increased risk that - statistically is associated with ON.

It may just have been enough to tip that particular underwriter into no go mode.

Another, less risk averse insurer will probably be fine with it.


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Not relevant as it was many years ago, but on being examined by doc from insurance company for life insurance he simply said "Well, if it's life insurance, no one ever died of RA " and I had no problem!!


I have been a Financial Planner for twenty years. It is up to the underwriter. The way your doctors respond will determine the outcome. I have a cardiac condition and cancer now so I definitely would be declined.


I am not certain who ' s Doctor stated, no one has ever died from RA, but please consider finding a new doctor. Rheumatic inflammatory Autoimmune diseases like RA most definitely lead to premature mortality, all be it improved. Not to frighten anyone but statements like that just piss me off. In just one year I have lists several friends with RD. The problem is they attribute the death to "Comorbidity or Extra Articular Manifestations". The fact is they would not have had cancer or heart attacks without the RA. It frustrates me because of the impact on health insurance and funding. Despite the fact that it is the leading cause of disability in industrialized nations. The costs of treatment, as we know is astronomical. But illness like MS get three times the funding because Neurology does not lump all neurological conditions together. If you are interested look up, An Identity Crisis in RA DR Adams. Sorry for the tangent, but it makes me a little nuts when someone suggests 'magic water' is the cure. I can guarantee the insurance and governments would not pay thousands per month for drugs if water is like saying we are not I'll..


Further update guys,

I have spoken to the insurance and the cover has been done as a new policy and not a change to my original one. My original policy is still running and has not been cancelled???? which has just confused me even more.

I have emailed to ask them to let me know what is happening with this police, is it getting cancelled or am I still insured with them as I cant get another policy if this one is still running. Have also asked about the life insurance without the critical illness to see if this will make a difference.

I am very confused still and I think it basically boils down to what the Gp has stated as the insurance has said it is nothing to do with the sero-negative RA (sero-negative not covered by policy) or the ON; both of which they already knew about. My Neurologist says it is definately not MS related and this is in my notes.

Next step is to see if I can get a copy of the Gp letter I think.


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