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Still wondering what to do ?

I continue to have abscesses, respiratory infection and UTI. My GP expects me to go see him ? Why travel three hours for him to order a urine test? If last sample was contaminated why do they just not repeat the stupid test. It is all about billing. He does not get paid to order test over the phone. Are you kidding me.

Then Rheumy does not deal with infections. Seems to me without RD, these infections would not exist?

I see my Rheumy July 5th. I was to have Rituxan infusion in June. I have deferred that infusion. It has been twenty three months of drug after drug and no real improvements. I have tried no drugs and that is clearly not good. But she has yet to discuss a 'treatment plan' . I need to know where this is going. I have not had X-rays other than lungs, heart. No baseline ? The pain in my hips is simply breathtaking. If they could invent a device which transmits that pain I would truly have a superpower.

I am so tired all the time. I need to lie down from one room to the next. Sitting is PAINFUL. I need to lie down to take pressure off my spine. I am so tired of apologizing. I find myself saying sorry as often as I say Owe. I have a genetic mutation which makes me process opiates very quickly. The good news is no dependence the bad news no pain control. Being allergic to naproxen also excludes NSAIDs and I cannot take Prednisone.

What makes me angry is they 'doctors' seem to do nothing about all the other conditions like reflux, insominia, bletharitis tenovitis ..I have not seen anyone from orthopaedics either. It is like they have given up. Maybe the message is nothing can be done so I should just give up. Now I am tired enough to do just that.

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Don't give up. Your life has value. I too am very annoyed with Canada's medical professions not speaking to eachother. My rheumy wont talk to my oral surgeon, endodontist and he believes he is "too good" to talk to my foot doctor. So I understand your disgust.

As for your statement"...it seems to me that these infections would not exist without RD..." No, I think RD exists because of your infections. Please have your abscesses delt with. RD doesn't cause infections. I also believe your dentist is covering her arse by blaming RD for your abscesses. Abscesses on root canal teeth are caused by an inept dentist or an inept busdriver...at least you will pay less for a busdrive to do your root canal.....both a busdriver & dentist have the same ability to do root canals..... Endodontist should only perform root canals. We've been fooled by our dentists here in Canada. They take our money & they give us infections.... shame on them.

I am on the mend today

All the best to you



I know how very frustrating this can be. I once drove my mother in law six hours to a physicians appointment (she had recurrent UTIs) and they didn't even do a urine test. Asked her 2 - 3 questions and said "Okay, I'll see you in two months" In and out in 5 minutes with her - Nope! Did not go back. I found one closer..

Good luck with your situation, and again, maybe think of finding a closer doc. I know that can be hard if you are attached to your doc.. I can tell though that you are truly not on control of your pain (duh!, huh?), and that has to be horrible... But please don't just give up. Life is worth living, but for us it just takes a lot more to get there...


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