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What do you have to do

I don't want to appear I am in a moaning mood and there is a cash flow problem but what do I have to do to get any help from the government. I know I work part time and if I could afford it may like to give up work as I am turning 60 this year but how do you get any disability allowance. I get the basic rate for careers and nothing for mobility they say I can walk. Not that anyone has come to see me. I am in pain from getting out the chair and can only walk a few feet before I am tired, but I solider on. I have been turned down twice for any payments, I have appealed and asked for my doctors letters. My GP wrote on the form not known because he hardly see's me. My consultant wrote a two letter word no one could read. Again I was turned down. I said what is the next step they said go to a tribunal but if you lose you could lose the carers allowance I was getting (the lowest rate by the way). I said I would even see a independent doctor of their chose but the computer said NO. I only wait a little help with the bills not asking for a lottery win, though that would be nice. Is anyone else have a bad time or any tips when I reply, which I will.

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see ra- fibro blog , and my blogs people have put in helpful links re benefits and re prescipt lobbying etc, Iwas turned down as i can walh short distances on my own and can still dress and wipe own bottom, though stretching to do this is a a bit difficult god I AM discussing v personal stuff, but they will ask you these things.........


Do you have a rheumatology nurse specialist? If so She may be able to help with your forms/letters. I try and do forms and letters for my patients with RA I cna't sya that I am always successful but the nurse is usually the person who has the most contact with you


Hi Vicky,

So are you a rheumatology nurse then?

Just being nosey lol x


Hi Beep

You need to get an appointment with your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They have people trained to help with all this benefit stuff and if required can assist with applications, appeals and tribunals. Your carers benefit, given for looking after someone else, shouldn't be affected by an application for DLA for yourself, I wouldn't have thought. The criteria are strict and you have to make sure you place enough emphasis on worst day scenario ... so don't fill in forms when you are having a good day! Speak to your nurse, as Vicky suggests, and your GP, you need to have them on board.

Good luck,

Lyn x


Hi, like Lyn said I would try the Citizens Advice Bureau, make and appointment and they can help you get most things sorted.

Filling in the forms, without sounding like Lyn's parrot!!! you do have to think of your bad days as in the end that's what it's based on, your RA!

Emphasize you have good and bad day's but mostly bad because in the end you can never predict this illness can you.

Good luck

mand xx


Oh Beep life's a b***h, as if you don't have enough to worry about with the RA. I can only commiserate and repeat what others have said. Just ask everyone,the nursey, and the local CAB and or benefit office. Lay it on thick for goodness sake these people who make these wonderous decisions about what we need and don't need and can and can't do, really don't have a clue, so make sure you tell them! Good Luck x


good luck beep i tried twice and was turned down .you have to go before a panel who ask you all sorts of personal questions i can walk small distance and still clean myself althogh some time this is an effert on bad days my grandaughter helps me i told them all this and was still turned down, my doctor and specalist all said i have RA so they must be telling lies. i did not try again sylvia


I totally empathise with you. I haven't even tried to claim for myself but know from claiming for one of my autistic sons that the system is over complicated and designed to put people off of claiming or make it ridiculously hard to get any award.

Best of luck.


Good luck with it and dont give in!

I am not giving in I appyied and was only offered lowest rate care, Ive re appliyed twice as I totally disagree with the points they say on a bad day, I need help getting out off bed, I need help with stairs ( having a stair lift fitted in next few weeks) cant get in and out off the bath, having a level access shower room fitted in a few weeks.

I struggle dressing and with a lot off day to day care, my rheumatologist has backed this up in his letter so has my GP.

I currently pay friends and family to help me do ironing, cleaning etc, and on the times when my close family (Mum, Dad n Sisters) have gone on holiday even though I still have my partner because he works 12 hour night shifts, I pay a friend to stay with me cook the meals my Mum or sister would normally do and generally help me get on with day to day life washing my hair etc.

I am carrying on this tribunal and not giving in because I dont see why I should pay out off what little I get to pay for care.

If I qualify for middle rate care then either my sister or a friend can claim carers allowance then this will stop me having to pay them or treat them.

I wont give in untill I can go no furthur with it!

Good luck with your claims


I find it shocking that you're not receiving high rate care if you need that help. Please do not mention ironing or cleaning when making your claim: they do not count. Also, if you are in receipt of DLA, and achieve middle rate care (which you mentioned), no money will be deducted from your benefits if you're working. However, if you're in receipt of ESA or Income Support, and claim Carers Allowance, those monies will be deducted from your Disability Premium. For middle rate care DLA, this is currently about £53 per week for Carers Allowance. If your sister or friend are working, then I would recommend they carry on doing so, as Carers Allowance would be deducted from yours & theirs benefits.


You go to see your GP again. This, unfortunately, is the only answer, as you need a medical professional to tick that box that explains you have these difficulties. A good GP is a wonderful thing: you don't necessarily need to see a consultant. When I applied for my DLA, they wrote to my Consultant first: they needn't have bothered, as he couldn't remember me from Adam. I specifically requested on my DLA form that they ask my GP, or Rheumatology nurses who saw me more frequently. When any doctor receives a DLA form, they have a tiny box to write in & whether or not they recommend you to receive disability benefits; a GP will always see you most frequently and, most importantly, GPs tend to prescribe analgesia, whereas Rheumatologists prescribe disease related/ modifying drugs & nothing else.


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