What to do? What to say?

So the song goes!!

So I stopped the sulfasalazine myself, nasty side effects went away, got blessing officially from my RA nurse, and just on MTX now, no side effects, except from the greenhouse effect, which is inconvenient as its costing me a fortune in perfume and deodorant :) But of course as a result now my fingers are starting to stiffen up and the bases of my left thumb ballooned up for 2 days but settled with a splint, then the other thumb, not to be left out, came out in sympathy but not as bad, and now my feet and ankles a starting to play up, well they see the hands doing it so they, naturally, want to get a piece of the action!

Don't have an appointment until 3 weeks time and feel cheeky just popping in (I work as a nurse in the hospital) and taking advantage of being "staff", but they did say I could (I'm one of those queer folk who feel like I'm taking advantage even when I'm told I can do something!!)

So do I stick it out and get my lovely student nurse doing all the little finite things like unscrewing drip attachments and my coke bottle, or do I admit defeat and go and see her, taking advantage of the fact that she is there and I'm only 2 floors above her office?

I know I'll prob stick it out instead of getting a name for myself as the local "pain in the arse! But......... loads of excuses that would make this essay way to long!!

Got a podietry appointment on Tuesday so maybe he can help "cure" the feet thing, we shall see

Am I being a fool to myself? probably but that's me I guess!!

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  • Hi

    I would definately go and see them - they did tell you to if you needed advice.I always ring my rhuemy nurse if i need advice and have never felt a nuisance as she says thats what she's there for.

    Good luck with the MTX -hope it gets to work quickly!

    Julie x

  • I understand what you mean - its always hard to know isn't it? especially when this disease is so variable and you don't know how you'll be feeling in 3 hours time or 3 days - let alone 3 weeks. Maybe choose a day when you are feeling particularly swollen and visibly RA-ish and go and see them then if you can?

    I feel the same way about seeing my GP because I feel he must think I'm there too frequently but I have no rheumy team and I do find all the different things going on with my body at the moment very confusing. If I don't go I fret that whatever's ailing me could be relevant to the RA and rheumy - but if I do go I feel like I'm a time waster often especially when he says "you didn't need to come in - we will call you if there's a problem with your bloods". But really I'm just there about once a month for reassurance because he's all I've got and I'm so new to this disease and the medicines.

    And if I go and see a different GP he seems to get a bit irritated and makes little comments such as "I would have put you up more slowly on the MTX dose if you'd come to me" but I can never get an appointment to see him without booking a week to ten days ahead and that's not so useful if you want to show them joint swelling when it's visible or ask them about medication nasty side-effects there and then - or know whether to raise dose of MTX or not?

    I think you should go when you feel you have something to show them because it would be so annoying if you were just having a good day for your apt in 3 weeks time? TTX

  • I think you should go,how are they going to know whats going on if they don't see you. I understand what you mean about going to the doctors too often, i have felt like myself. The rheumy wouldn't have told you to go and see them they if they didn't mean it.

    Sylvi. x

  • You aren't taking advantage if it helps you to do your job better.

    I hope you can get your hands better

    Xx cathie

  • Glad that you got your Podiatry appointment. I would be interested to hear how you get on. I have my appointment in a couple of weeks and I don't know what to expect, so to hear about your experience would be very useful. Good luck and hope you get your feet sorted.


  • Think I will go on Monday if no better, not killing me but hampering me!

    I'll let you know how I get on Carole

  • Oh Casapp you didn't go!!! you should have just dropped in saying "well as i was passing just thought you could have a look at my thumbs, fingers and when you are at it look at the state of my ankles!!!" they would have been delighted to see you.

  • I know I'm daft and though not sore my fingers are swollen and tight this morning :( Def gonna go Monday

  • IF you got chance of taking an advantage do it! it is for your own benefit xx

  • Well i finally went, both thumbs and my wrists flared last night, My lovely and very busy RA nurse said for me to wait and she would do my Bp as she thought leflunamide might help. Well she was dead busy ad I didn't have an appointment so I said I would come back later, she told me to get my Bp checked on the ward and give her a ring, so off I trotted to my very obliging student nurse who is practising manual Bp's 140/93 - oops (well it was busy this am) so I rings her and tells her, oops she says, have you seen your Gp, well actually yes I have as I have had a few high reading but then when i get it done other times its fine so he didn't want to put me on anything, any way Sue sez, well do it again later and see if it settles and give me a ring. Then all the sisters were bundled off to a meeting about things with our new boss and time went on as it does when you are enjoying yourself ! So I gets it rechecked after the meeting 167/97 oh dear, so I gathered my back and headed downstairs but as sods law has it, they had already packed up for the day!! I think I need to see my Gp next week and will have to phone Sue in the morning, no leflunamide methinks !!

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