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Not been on here for a few months due to life getting the better of me !😂 Fractured femur , titanium rod and all that entails earlier this year . Came off Benepali as a bad reaction , now on Cimzia ( on full loading dose ) AND now walking so thought I had turned the corner . 👌

Super careful in what I eat but have come down with food poisoning since Sunday - any experience of how long to recover . Rang GP who said I should ring hospital urgently( she thought A&Enot a good idea as infectious) to have help line say if it is urgent ring GP or go to A & E .Rang doctor again to find I was 7th in queue ! ( I kid you not ! 😂)

Anyways - hospital eventually rang to say do not take Metoject on Wed and that was that - no mention of Cimzia - think she was in a hurry and when you are ill you are not assertive . Due to take Cimzia Mon but will ring hospital Again if I am still feeling so bad .

I know I am rambling but what are your experiences re Cimzia / biologics and food poisoning & how long to recove? . GP just seems to say ring the hospital 😳

Any personal experiences will be an encouragement. 😁

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I mean recover 🤢

Have you tried calling 111? If there's a possibility that you have a serious food poisoning then do push to get advice.

Sounds like a rotten time, and food poisoning makes you feel so rubbish. Do you know what it was you ate? Some of them are explosive, but come and go quickly. Other types of food poisoning are more difficult. Whatever you have make sure you drink lots of water.

But generally if hospital said don't take MTX - which is a much milder immune suppressant - then the same will most likely apply to Cimzia.. especially if you have any kind of fever. I'm just starting on a biologic and was clearly told that I should stop taking it if any fever.

Hope you feel better soon. I had norovirus a while back and it was miserable.

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Thank you Helix for the advice - obv it will take longer than normal 😬

Funny thing is I am so careful normally - up in London with a friend last week and I would not eat in a casual sandwich shop and we went to a proper restaurant .

She works in NHS in pharmacology so understood . A bit ironic - have to see the funny side !No diarrhoea - think that would be better as At least I could get rid of it from my system .

Good luck with the Cimzia - felt fantastic until Sunday . So I am sure you will too .

Thinking of greater good and all that . One slip up and here we are .

On plus side getting three screws out of leg in Sep - wired for sound !😂


Please make sure that you replace your fluids that you lose with diarrhoea - you might find that the rehydration sachets for children available from the pharmacy are helpful (although not very palatable!). I usually use barley water with a little added salt (teaspoon in a glass) personally. Even if you are being sick and you think "This is a waste of time!" it is important to sip the fluids constantly to get them down, and you might find keeping the drink cold helps as well.

And if you are feeling ill with a temperature, and the diarrhoea lasts longer than a day, then its sensible not to take your immune suppressants until the bowel has time to recover.

Do you know what caused the problem?

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Think it was a friend’s barbecue - I was SO careful and ate nothing on the buffet just a small bowl of paella that had literally finished cooking . Only one episode of sickness Sun night , but bad stomach pain , sweats, intermittent dreadful headache & nausea but no diarrhoea 😬TMI I think ! So a diet of bread 🥖 & water . Thought I was picking up yesterday 😬 Stomach pain again last night I guess it is just time . Trying to work as well at home probably is not helping I guess .

Thank you for the advice 😁

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Ouch.....were there prawns in the paella? Sounds like an e.coli food poisoning (there are lots of e.coli so it's unlikely to be the one that causes very serious illnesses). As you are on immune suppressing drugs I think it would be good to book an appointment with your GP in case it hangs around.

Thanks for that I will 😁

If its any help and you feel rotten, its a GP job and stoool test as if its Salmonella then you'll neeed antibiotics to clear it up.

I would second the advice regarding fluids. Stopping your MTX and Cimzia until the sickness and diarrhoea have stopped. Depending on the timing you may not have to miss the Cimzia. Good poisoning has generally two stages: the initial acute phase with the vomiting and diarrhoea, once that stops the body has to clear out the poisons following the infection.

Medical treatment is usually only needed if the vomiting is severe resulting in dehydration.

Stop any drugs that suppress your immune function so you can heal. Best wishes.

i take kefir daily, and upped it when i was floored by reaction [prob food poisoning] to meat , which i rarely eat. DH did it in slow cooker which was bad idea.... too long too low = eureka!!! anyway xtra kefir and i was back to normal after 24 hrs after d&v for hours.

it's basically a yoghurt drink so shdn't interfere with anything unless u are dairy intolerant - it builds up good gut bacteria. hope this helps xx

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