Rheumy review

Hi guys, had my first 3 month review on benepali yesterday. Saw the nurse and she couldn't believe how much better I looked!!! So my pain/inflammatory score was right at the top end in January and tbh looking back I think I was being quite conservative, so now it's way way down! The morning stiffness I'm having the nurse feels I may be left with this but said it's not uncommon for the drug to take 6 months for full benefit.

She was a wee bit concerned that I'm doing too much!!! But I'm pretty good at pacing myself and hey if I need a wee snooze in the afternoon...well I don't resist!!!

So I will keep up with my swimming...excellent for all your joints so if you can try and go guys it will do you good...honest!!!

So anyone out there who is terrified as I was of starting benepali, please don't be...quite honestly I am actually starting to feel like 'me'

Hoping this continues......and wishing you well x

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  • I am glad things are working out for you darling.xxxx

  • Hi buddyrescue and thank you so much for posting such a positive experience. I'm thrilled to little meatballs you are feeling so well on benepali. We do tend to hear more of the negative reactions to various meds because those feeling great don't post so often. Hugs


  • Thanks...I'm a pretty positive person...was just a bit scared of going on benepali...like you say the negative stories tend to stick in your mind!!! Like I said 3 months in and my old self is returning!!


  • Great to read such positive comments. Gives hope to others :-))

  • Thank you xxxx

  • I have AS and also had my 3 month review last month. My measurements were "amazing", and Rheumy said she was very pleased with response. She also told me to expect further improvement over the next 3 month. My stiffness is so much less, and most days pain is manageable. So glad I started it, best I've felt in 5yrs, see a glimmer of the old me returning. Glad you are progressing well too 😁

  • That's fantastic, as I said I just feel more like 'me' mines been about 5 years trying different drugs and I've been limited with what I can take as I have liver problems too. I'm swimming 4/5 times a week now and that's helping. It would be nice if this morning stiffness decreased....but I am loads better.

    Hope you continue to improve...lovely to hear positive comments xx

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