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I wanted to thank each and everyone of you that have responded to my posts today. I just joined this group and just recently found out I have RA I am sure as the next few weeks or months go by I will have a ton of questions feelings and will need to know that I am not alone and that someone out there knows exactly how I am feeling and that are willing to share their experiences with me and what has helped them get through the hard times. So for that I am very great full and want to say thank you for just being here. Take care everyone and here is hoping for a pain free day for all

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  • Hi RAstrong and welcome.

    You're right in that being newly diagnosed will throw up a lot of questions for you ; it's a trying and emotionally challenging time for most of us . As such, I would say to you that you have found a great site with many, many knowledgable and compassionate people here who are always willing and giving in sharing their experiences, offering great advice.

    I wish you the best of luck on your journey to recovery. It will help a lot to know that you are not on your own throughout it.

    Take care


  • I tried the Patterson program for my rheumatoid arthritis.I was on it for six months and followed it perfectly. It did not help me at all.Finally I came to understand that's the founder of the program only posted the success stories.

    Clint Patterson, the founder, is not a doctor. His diet can be downright dangerous for some people It is a diet of grains and vegetables. I had mild diabetes when I started the program. However, the preponderance of grains appears to have been what set my diabetes off. I am struggling now to regain control. This diet Is vegan, that is, no meats and no dairy. Anyone on a vegan diet should absolutely be given supplementary B12. This, however, was never mentioned. I have recently come to learn that grains and legumes, the basis of this program, are particularly toxic to the intestine. After six months on the Patterson program, I have never felt worse. I wish you the bestExclamation point

  • I am so sorry to hear this. I know you get to a point where nothing seems to be helping and you are willing to try anything. I hope you start feeling better real soon take care

  • Hi i am the same as you new to all this only got diagnosed 3 months ago with seronegative inflammatory arthritis . working my way through all the pit falls and lingo ha ha. but like you am very thankful for this site and the help and advice i have received from so many people and reading what other people are going through makes me feel not so alone. Thank you and good luck to you rastrong.

  • Thank you very much Louis I am looking forward to getting the right treatment but from what I understand It is progressing quickly I already have nodules on my elbows. I am hoping they can figure something out soon tired of being sick and tired. Good luck too you as well

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