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Amazing support - Thank you

Today has been on the grey side and so very cold, I thought i would look over the information contained within this site.

I have found that there is amazing support available from so many active members.

There is inspiration, encouragement advice help sympathy and understanding when you most need it.

I am still very new (5 months in) so all the blogs and questions are full of answers to the questions i have before i know i have them.

I was very worrried before starting MTX but i was reassured here and am pleased to report that so far all is going very well and although i am not pain free i am feeling so much better. I am now on 15mg of MTX and Hydroxy as well as folic.

My energy levels are improved to the extent i have gone back to the gym and am trying to loose some weight (1 stone so far :-))

So thank you everyone, I might not say much but love to keep up with all that is going on.

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Hi Verena,

Good to hear of someone whose medication is working even though you are not yet pain free, in the early stages, it gives heart to others who are about to start medication.

Take care.xx


Pleased it is going well and welcome x


Happy it is going well for you. xxxxx


Good news things are going well for you. tomorrow is my third week of taking MTX, Hyroxy, & folic acid.

Still feel really tired most days, especially after I finish work. My hands seem to be easing pain wise, though they are still stiff. Ive now got bad pain in my hips, at night which keeps me awake/ or waking me up. not sure if this down to my RA or something else.

I have only just joined everyone here & cant get over how welcoming everyone is, & like you Ive been trailing through everything to answer questions and worries I have, Thank You everyone.

To know Im not on my own that I have friends on here Is getting me through.



It's really nice to get positive feedback on here. I often feel too well RA wise to come on here now but its good to come here and say so I think. There's lots to hope for if you are new to this disease and I too am doing well on injectable MTX and Hydroxy. 2 years ago, when all this started for me, i never could have imagined that i would be losing four stone and doing 25 minutes Zumba each day in my wildest dreams. There are still anxieties and I come here because I don't have much of a rheumy team so always have practical and philosophical questions to ask - but also to confirm that these drugs do work incredibly well for some of us.

Welcome to NRAS HU and thanks for the positive tale to date. Tilda x


Tilda you have so much information to contribute so never think you are too well to come on here. I love reading your posts and have taken notice of a lot of the ifo. you provide. I seem to have similar symptoms to you and just about to decide to go on MTX after thinking about it for a long time. I am much older tham most on here which made me a bit reluctant to start this toxic medication. After reading such good reports (as well as bad) it made me realise I just have to give it a try at least. My pain nowhere comes up to the others that I read about and have managed quite well on daily Naparoxen and Paracetamol when required. Hope everyone has a pain free day, and to those in pain, my thoughts are with you.


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