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Girl's weekend away - bit worried

Hi everyone,

I am off for a wonderful weekend away with the girls, 25 of us in all, we've been doing this for a few years but I am worried that I won't be able to keep up with everyone else.

It is an 80's music weekend at Butlins and we are staying in the wonderful on site hotel so I know I can stay out as long as I can manage and then go 'home' but I know I will stay out too long and try to do too much.

My RA is really troubling me at the moment, but I don't want to be a killjoy so will try but I need to be strict with myself.

Any ideas what I can do to make sure I don't overdo it, or I might just be on here to tell people that I am a bit scared.

Thank you for listening to me ramble on xx

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Well you can rest in the afternoon and not dance every dance might help.Don't stand too long either. Have a good weekend.xxxx


Just go for it and enjoy. As previously said you can rest in the afternoon or just before you go to your dance. If I could go to something like that I would jump at the chance (not literally!) and book holiday from work after to recouperate. Have a good time!

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Hi phil76,

First of all I'd suggest making sure that your friends know the facts about your condition. Perhaps you could email them the url of an article such as this:

In the same email, I'd say that you're determined not to let it spoil your fun but it can be unpredictable so, if you need to say goodnight a bit early, you're not being a wet blanket or seeking sympathy, so they should let you leave and not try to persuade you to over-exert yourself. If anything does you damage, it'll probably be that "just 5 more minutes" when you know you should really call it a night.

My approach is to set myself achievable targets and stick to them. It will be tempting to go all-out on the first night, but you have to pace yourself. Depending on your pain level and amount of stiffness, 10 minutes of gentle shuffling around the floor would probably do you good. Then sit the next few out and see how you feel.

You might feel as if you can climb that mountain, but never forget that you also have to find the strength to climb down!

On a side note, decide what you'll be drinking all night. Just drinking water is a bit wimpish (unless it's your round, in which case you can get away with it and nobody is any the wiser!) and some of the fruit drinks can be very acidic. High amounts of sugar can also result in inflammation so soda pop like Coke or Pepsi can be just as bad. A lot of bars now serve non-alcoholic beers, I'm fairly sure Butlins would. Anyway, a couple of drinks almost certainly won't hurt unless you already have strong painkillers in your system or are planning to take any at bedtime.

Have a great time! Tell us all about it when you get back.



My philosophy on this is go and enjoy yourself. Put the RA to the back of your mind. You could get pain and flare ups without doing anything.

Of course be sensible but you can still enjoy the music sitting down tapping your feet etc. You can always find ways round things.

The non alcoholic beers are quite good too.

Have a great time.


Hi, I'd go for it,as someone said you can have pain & flare for no apparent reason. The only thing I restrict myself with on these occasions is drink. With 25 of you going I don't think anyone will notice how much you drink or if you have to disappear.

Have fun & enjoy. 👍


I too am going away this weekend with friends for a 70's do at Butlins.

My friends are aware of my condition but not to the extent of how it affects me.

I have said that I will attempt to do everything but may need to rest more during the day in the form of cat naps.

I am taking my folding walking stick so that I can put it in my bag and only use if absolutely necessary.

I intend on sitting down whenever possible and resting when I can.

I know come next Monday I will be exhausted, fatigued and feeling sorry for myself but I'm going to have a great time and show my PsA that it's not going to win!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend x


You often appear to find 'a bit extra' to manage something like this. It is still a case of pacing yourself and making choices. Take care not to overdo it on the first day/night and try to take the day after you come back off work as it will probably catch up with you then and you then have the option of a duvet day if necessary rather than trying to struggle through work for the whole week. Farm

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Thank you all for replies, this is the first time I'm doing something like this since diagnosis, but as you have all said, I will just do what I can and try to be sensible especially with the drinking.

You are all so right and I won't let these stupid medical conditions rule my life.

Am feeling ready for anything that happens but swill make sure that the ladies I am going with are aware of why I can't do as much as I once could and don't force me to do anything.

Not sure what I'd do without you guys helping me to understand x x


This is the coolest idea ever! I can definitely see your wanting to push yourself! Revel in the time with your girlfriends as best you can, but certainly take a break from the dancing to rest when you need to, and try not to stay out too late! Enjoy! I'm very jealous!!


Back home from a really fun weekend, didn't drink too much, didn't stay out as late as some of the others, but I still had a fab weekend.

Used my walking stick in front of everybody which is a fairly big thing for me and even though I now have bruised knees because I still fell over, floor was slippery rather than too much to drink, I had a great time and was worrying for nothing 😀

Thanks all for your reassuring words and advice.

Phil xx


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