Lets hope this is the final chapter

Lets hope this is the final chapter

Well my friends i have been to the doctors and the good news is that the infection is gone. The xray is clear,but i still feel exhausted and my chest is still tight. Methinks its the after effects and it will be a while before i'm really up and running.

I have just got to take care of myself and take it steady. I still haven't slept a full night in my bed. I am always down here in the early hours. I'm sure it will pass.

I thank everyone of you for asking about me and sending me messages. I am pleased to know all of you.

Love to you all, sylvi.xx

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  • That is good news.. now rest up and recover properly! xx

  • Hi Sylvi So pleased for you that your X ray was clear.It must have been a very worrying time for you.

    Lets just hope you get a good nights sleep in your bed and that you feel better soon.xxx

  • Thank you. xxx

  • Thats going to be the hardest part. At least i'm over the worst. I've just got to not overdo it.

    Thank you summer.xx

  • Good news at last !

    Now follow your own advice and REST

    Julie xx

  • You know me too well julie. I have to admit this time it is easy to rest as i haven't the energy. Hubby and grace are taking the deccies down tomorrow so to stay out of the way i'm going to get my scooter out and wrap up warm and go to bedworth for the ride. If i stay here i will do things i couldn't help myself. I promise i will behave.

    Sylvi. xxxx

  • Hi Sylvi

    I am so pleased at long last it seems to have gone, continue to rest up and look after yourself.

    Really pleased that is good news.

    Take care

    Sci x

  • Thanks sci,i'm pleased to say i'm getting there.

    Sylvi. xxx

  • so pleased for you xx take care and rest now xx

  • Hi Sylvie,

    Glad xray clear. Its a good time of year to rest up. so cold out tnite, I am glad I am not working a moment, getting very lazy (or relaxed).

    Hope you go from strength to strength.

    xx Gina.

  • Hi Sylvie very pleased your xray came back clear try to rest up now ((((hugs)))

    take care x

  • Yay! Good result sylvi. Enjoy your scootering today. I will be taking my deccies down friday. I have changed my day off to accomodate two hospital appts so should be home friday afternoon. Have to work saturday now though. Take care my lovely and have a great day! Xx

  • Thank you everyone. There is a bit more news. I have only just got out of bed. This is the first time in nearly three weeks. I have drunk a lot of juice during the night and i was on the loo a lot,but i don't care, just to say i have spent the night upstairs in bed with my hubby. Also i think he slept better. So good news all round.

    I thank you all for your kind wishes and without the support i get from you all i would have found these last few weeks very difficult.

    My love to you all. Sylvi.xx

  • So glad you're feeling better Sylvi, Hopefully your happy new year can start now... I became a granny at two this morning so I am well chuffed...xxxJanxxx

  • I'm so pleased for you jan,was it a boy or girl and what have they called the baby.xx

  • Do make sure you rest well Sylvi. I've had pneumonia a couple of times and it made me feel as if I'd been run over by a bus for weeks afterwards. And I also got quite low as it did seem to drag on for ages, so try to give yourself a few treats to cheer yourself up. At least the days are getting longer now. Polly

  • Polly i've just got back from bedworth on my scooter and i feel like i've ran a marathon. All i needed to do was take some shoes to the menders,waste of time as they were shut. I called into the charity shop to get some books for hubby and i came home. I feel wacked out,thought it was a good idea as they are taking down the deccies and i would have got involved, but now i realise that i couldn't as just going out has tired me out. So now i'm going to sit here on my laptop and drink tea and rest. Run over by a bus is a good words to say i feel at the moment. Won't do it again in a hurry thats for sure. The weather wasn't too bad at least. I've had some fresh air if nothing else.

    Take care polly, sylvi.xx

  • Hi Sylvi, so glad you are much better and the infection has cleared up. It will take time before you feel yourself again - pneumonia is very nasty and yours was obviously very stubborn. Just take it easy and don't do too much too soon. Also remember to wrap up warm when you go out. Love LavendarLady x

  • ..and how 'bout yourself, L lady? Are you recovering from your marathon weekend? After all that, you should just take the whole week off!

    Remember to take it slow and easy. I'm thinking I could save up tons of energy so when Spring comes, I will have so much stored and ready to use to work outside, planting and digging and relocating and more planting, fertilizing...my gosh, look at all that energy I'm NOT using! lol

  • I did wrap up warm this morning and thank goodness for the cover on my scooter,sadly i did feel exhausted by the time i got home, so now realise it was too much too soon. Should have just gone up the village instead,mind you i think that might have been too much as well. You think that as the infection has gone that you can start to do thinks,but it doesn't work like that. Not only that i'm not as young as i used to be and this ra/fibro has taken so much away from me. I will do nothing for the rest of the day. Are you feeling better?

    Love Sylvi. xx

  • Sylvie, I was so relieved to read your report last night, I went to sleep early 'bout 12:30, slept till 7:30! Wow, can't remember last time I slept 7 hours without getting up for a br break.!

    I'm thinking of setting my alarm, if I can remember how, for about 6am, 'cause by the time I get on here midmorning, everybody has been here and posted 6 hours or more ago!!

    You might have over extended your energy level this morning,lovie, but I sure can understand the need!

    Much to do here, wish I had some crew to come in here and put away all these "deccies"! I usually keep them until Jan 6, the date the 3 Wisemen arrived at Bethlehem. When the boys were little, I would keep the wisemen out of the Nativity set and then let the boys each put one in the scene on Jan 6. They were so sweet, how they talked about them taking presents to Baby Jesus. One time, Tim, the oldest, commented that the baby would like a teddy bear better than that box of stuff. It was very hard to keep a straight face as I explained the tradition back then was just different. But that comment touched me for quite awhile after. Must get back to work! Love ya, stay well er:) Loret

  • So glad you are on the mend, Sylvi. Yes, rest & drink tea now that you got outside for some fresh air & sunshine. Don't do too much too soon, you don't want to relapse. Have a good day.


  • Hello Sylvie, just logged on and delighted to hear you are on the mend - hope you get your va va voom back soon

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