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Reading Group anyone?

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to join a reading group locally but they all have a waiting list (or so they say - I suspect they know me Lol).

It made me wonder about starting one up on here. If you're up for it let me know and maybe suggest a few titles to start us off. It could be fiction/non-fiction, fantasy/self-help books autobiographies anything really. It's really nice to read something that you wouldn't ordinarily pick up. Janet and John and I-spy books not accepted however. Neither is the telephone directory (I find the B section particularly hard work). I'm hoping that no-one will choose anything too highbrow either - I prefer to read for just a bit of light enjoyment or interest so don't expect any deep and meaningful contributions from me just a bit of fun.

If I get enough interest I can put up a list of titles that we can vote on and then leave enough time to order it from the library and then a few weeks to read it before we meet here (British Library) to discuss.

Judy xx

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Literature is my passion so I'm up for that...I'm meant to be starting an Eng Lit degree in Feb but the way I'm feeling at the moment I can't really be of my favourite books is "A prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving...I wonder if anyone else has ever read it. .......of course my loved one is Wind in the Willows". I was seven when my nana read that to me when we were on holiday in Scotland in their caravan....whenever I think of the book I'm back in it.x

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I'll start those on the list Mary. Are there any that you haven't read yet but would like to add also?

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Judy I love books but I have really lost my ability to concentrate on the written word and have loads of books I've been given for Christmas and my birthday to get through. If I could share the titles with you people and you can make them pint sized them for me in return then that really would be brilliant?! But otherwise I think I might just sit on the side and take notes in anticipation of a day in the future when some of my brain cells become alert once more (as if?!). A great idea though hope you get a good take up! X

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I,ll take others advice on that Creaky x

I.d like to read about kings and queens but put in a story but factual.

I can't read books with lots of sex in...I come over all Enid Blyton!!! X

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I'm reading Grimm Tales so lots of kings and queens and dark woods and beautiful princesses - a translation and interpretation of Grimm's fairy tales by Philip Pullman - really loving it but I'm very slow!

That sounds like a good idea. My favourites recently have been The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy. I like a good plot and often read crime novels. But I read all sorts. I am currently reading Bridget Jones -Helen Fielding's latest.

Judy i haven't been able to read since i have had fibro and i used to love reading. A book i did enjoy very much was the far pavilions by M.M.Kaye(i think that is how you spell it) very good book.xxxxxx

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The far pavilions is one of my favourites! I have read this month not about heroes, journeys end , birdsong, The great gatsby, and two off yhevtichard and Judy list which were amazing , one about a young girl put into an arranged marriage and her friendship with the other wife, can't remember the title. And a second about a society set in America in the summer of the 1920 s , this is my problem I can never remember the title.

So it would be great if you would count me in . A xx

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Birdsong read that too it's incredible. Three men in a boat Jerome K Jerome hysterical.

All quiet on the western front....

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haha 3 men in a boat - my hubbys all time favourite book - we had to name one of our dogs Montmerency :)

Jen x

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Brilliant book...actually I may go and find it (I've got over 2000 books can't get rid of them they're my family) and read it again.x

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Allanah, the book on the young girl with the arranged marriage was this about when she had to marry her uncle and as she could not have children he took another wife and they eventually killed him and the original wife was beheaded? If so then I think the title was called a Thousand Sins/Suns, if it was then it was an excellent book.

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That's it, brilliant one

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Oh I loved The Far Pavilions too. Read it years ago but somehow bits still pop into my head from time to time. Might have to re-read it sometime. I quite enjoyed her Trade Winds as well x

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Oh I love that book its a real favourite of mine

Jen x

Judy i haven't read in a while never seem to get around to it. I have read Cane and Able by Jeffery Archer he writes a dam good book. Even if you hate his politics !!! x

Bernard Cornwall writes some well researched historical novels. And his namesake from across the water Patricia Cornwall for detective books.

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Oh Yes! Patricia Cornwell for me and Kathy Reichs. Also Dan Brown. I am reading some of his early books before Da Vinci Code et al.

Count me in judy, I love books & read loads. The best one I've read recently is The Husbands Secret by liane Moriarty. I've just ordered mindfulness for health meant to help with pain control, we're see x

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That sounds good , I couldn't find a good mindfulness book

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I'll let you know if it does it for me x

Hi Judy, think that would be a great idea...please would you add me to your group


Absolutely fab idea Judy....I'm a huge Tolkien fan, anything by him at all and my head doesn't come out of the book until I've finished. Also anything fantasy, Terry Brooks is easy reading and so is David Eddings. Love fairy stories too...Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson. Guess I never grew up! :)

I like to read contemporary nature writing. Reading one by roger deakin, notes from walnut tree farm while on a short trip to the highlands. Good for people like me with quite short attention spans because of meds. And love folk stories too. Kathleen Jamie - short essays about nature and poems - which set off your imagination

What a good idea..I have just started a Jeffrey Archer trilogy about Harry Clifton called Only time will tell. I downloaded the kindle app on my nexus tablet so much easier to hold and you don't need the light on at night if you are the only one awake ha

I read a lot , especially when I can't sleep. always up for suggestions for a good book. sounds good to me x

I am an avid reader more so since I was given a kindle, I am forever downloading books. Whilst working I used to visit Borders shop in my break and sit and read all the books, they liked you to do that. Between the two I have been able to widen the genre of writers that I like. At the moment I am very into American writers as the style seems to suit. Robert Crais, Fern Michaels, Mario Puzo, I have nearly all of their books, downloaded or in paperback, oh not forgetting the Bobbsy Twins books, kids I know but when you are ill one has to regress to childhood. I love reading about the 40's before and after the war. I have read the diaries of a Saudi Princess, she wrote three books, unfortunately no longer have these took them to the charity shop, they gave a real insight to what it is like to live not only as a Saudi but as a Muslim. My most recent had been on North Korea, about people who have defected to South Korea and what it was like to live and how they managed to escape the North.

When we get back to England, then I had every copy of Catherine Cookson until I took them to the charity shop, all of Georgette Heyers, Martina Cole, all the book titles with Womens names, we went through those at work, someone bought one in to start with and we eventually read all of them. We kept Dick Francis and John Francomes as these are my husbands really, but I enjoyed the books. Biographies from Gloria Hunniford, Fiona Castle, Jackie Pullinger, Paul O'Grady, Georgie Best. This is before I get into the reign of Biblical and Christian books along with self help ones.

So I may join your book club if you will have me Judy.

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The Bobbsy Twins! I loved those stories. And has anyone read The Family From One End Street? There are some great children's books worth returning to.

You had me interested until you vetoed Janet & John. Blatant discrimination against nice middle classed children! ;) x

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Yes, I loved Janet & John books too, I think we should begin with those and travel back in time to when we lived those hazy dazy times as kids. xx

What a great idea. Would also love to join the group. I love reading and was given a kindle for xmas, so am now getting to grips with that. Always have several books on the go - at the moment reading crime novels by Elly Griffiths. Favourite authors include Ian McEwan, Elizabeth Jane Howard and Kate Atkinson.

Looking forward to hearing others' suggestions. x

Good idea Judy, I've just started the Father Brown stories by GK Chesterton. I find my concentration isn't what it was, so short stories are best for me. I also have the ghost stories of M R James. My favourite books are Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and Woman In White by Wilkie Collins. I don't tend to go for modern books, but I'm willing to try - as long as I can get them onto my iPad (books hurt my hands). Kath xx


I haven't forgotten you but will leave this up for a little bit longer so that everyone gets a chance to see it (if they are interested).

So far I'm hearing that many of you, like me, struggle to concentrate for too long so I'm going to avoid any lengthy tomes.

I'll put up a list of suggested titles in a few days for us to vote on as our first book.

Thoughts though:..........are you all happy to do this as an off-topic here or would it be better if I set up a closed group on facebook so that we can instant chat? I know that some people absolutely hate the idea of facebook so as long as HU and NRAS don't mind the off topic stuff it may be better to stick here. Let me know your thoughts.


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My mum was a teacher and I have kept all Janet and John books..they are on my shelves as I look.x and a complete Noddy lot and very old Rupert annuals. X

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They will be worth money now

Hi Judy, I love to read. Not sure if the US would have access to the books mentioned so far on this post though. (Never even heard of Janet & John). I tried to join a reading group too & they were 'too full'.

I go to our library sale every year-on the last day & fill an entire box of books for just $3, so I'm trying to read these before I buy any more. I still have boxes full from past years!

Have fun,


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Hi Christine,

I'm not surprised you've never heard of Janet and John. They are early reading scheme books that were used in the UK. I had them at school and I'm 59 so they are not exactly current. Haha.

I'm just browsing some suggested lists online at the moment. I reckon most of them will be available on both sides of the water and in the libraries. (Oprah has some great recommendations) The intention is to be as inclusive as possible.

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oh, like our Dick & Jane books, cool. Well, I'd like to join the group then, that would be fun.

For a long time now I have struggled to concentrate enough to read much but I used to read all the time, if you do get started I would like to join in, not sure how I will get on but would love to try

Jen x

Hi Judy, I also love books and will read most things. Daughter feeding me thrillers at the moment! I await with interest. Can't walk far at the moment so British library might be a struggle for now! Anne

There is another set of books i liked and one of them was child of the pheonix (now i can't remember the author) but they fictional going back in time to 6th-11th century but they have factual content and i loved those very much. When it is light i will go and find the book and author and will let you

I am up for it! Good idea xx

Love mysteries and thrillers and also historical novels. I can suggest some if you like?

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