HI All

Was wondering if anyone has suffered from shooting pains in the tips and pads of their fingers. This started on Wednesday and has got progressively worse over the week. I have these pains in both my middle fingers most of the time and in my first fingers occasionally, I can manage to cope with foot pain as walking or resting usually dose the trick but this is driving me mad. (I miss my steroids the fantastic effect has now well and truly worn off) Pain killers dont even touch it.

Any ideas of how to alleviate gratefully received


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  • I get constant stabbing pains down my fingers and toes so good to hear it's not just me

  • Hi yes hands and particularly fingers are so difficult to rest when they are painful. Have you tried splinting? My hand therapist (OT) taught me a binding technique with an elastic adhesive tape for each troublesome finger, that offers short term support which helps, but you need to be careful it's not too tight. Neoprene gloves can also help as they give support but don't restrict your movement. You can even get ones that have a facility so you can still use your phone/pad without taking them off. Also try warm soaks which can be generally soothing. If inflammation though cool packs can help. I find if my hands get cold my fingers start to play up so I wear gloves a lot! Hope this helps.

  • Thanks lots of good ideas to try.


  • Hi I bought arthritics gloves on amazon that are slightly elasticated and it helped and it has passed now I also do. Finger exercises you can google them , just stretching them out Hope this helps and you feel better soon xx

  • Thanks I will get googling xx

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