Funny Fingers

Funny Fingers

Hi Slaves. What a funny week this has been. My fingers have developed a life of their own in the last few days. On Sunday, sitting reading the paper, I suddenly noticed my left middle finger was moving side to side on its own without any input from me. I was so surprised that I asked hubby to watch as well and sure enough, off it went on its little dance again. Also every so often, my right middle finger will stiffen and move one side or the other and it is very painful. Other fingers get in on the act as well and I never know which one is going to start. I have to physically move them back to the upright position.

Feet have been painful and my ankle and big toe have been excrutiating as has my right forefinger and thumb joints. Amazing how fingers and toes all seem to coincide with each other. My little finger swelling has now gone right down so will have to have my signet ring made smaller (I had it made a size larger as couldn't get it on earlier in the summer as the finger joint was so swollen and painful).

Wrists have been bothering as well and my shoulder is giving me the works. Seeing the physio on Thursday so will mention it to her. Have been doing the exercises she gave me but think the shoulder was triggered off by having to use my walking stick last week as a bit wobbly,. Now the left shoulder has got in on the act as well although not as painful. Trying to sleep at night on the right side is torture. Also got the father and mother of mouth ulcers on the side of my tongue - really sore and painful. Using Bonjela and gone back to rinsing with Corsydyl as well.

Been very busy what with the Remembrance Day service when I had to lay wreaths, the veterans lunch and various other things going on including fighting proposals to concrete over one of the lovely areas here with horrible little boxes. Tree men have been here today cutting back the trees in the garden to tidy them up. Gardener not coming tomorrow but next week instead so have asked him to get me a dozen scented cyclamen for the garden. Have just the right bare spot to put them in. Berry went to meet the tree men whilst they were having a cuppa sitting at the garden table and then as soon as they got up, started barking at them! Talk about unsociable!

My birthday on Thursday and going out for a meal with friends - they are choosing where to go so it will be a surprise. Hubby is at his Rotary meeting that evening but we are going out Friday instead.

Seeing consultant on Friday and wish to talk to him about the increased MTX dosage. Not only feeling sick for 3 days each week which is ruining my social life but getting chest pains as well (Just rested my hands on the keyboard and left middle finger started doing a dance on its own - what is going on

here?). Well moans over - going to feed the animals - himself has gone to see the chiropodist as he has been moaning about his feet - told him he needs to see him regularly not just once or twice a year when they hurt! Honestly Men - just like babies sometimes.

Love LavendarLady x

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  • What a lovely blog, i really smiled at the slaves,thought it great as we are slaves to ra. You have had a busy week,like me with rememberance weekend.

    Birthday mmmmm what are you 21 or 30 yes i can crack jokes as well. Hope that you are blessed with lovely weather,lots of cards and presents.

    Your hands sound like they have a life of their own,i bet i looks funny when they are dancing.

    Have a happy birthday. sylvi. xxxx

  • Hi Sylvi, wish I was 21 or 30 - let's just say my 50th birthday was a while ago! LL

  • me too,won't see 55 again,Hope they have something special for you. Hubby just brought me a cup of tea,better go and drink it. Have a lovely birthday. xxx

  • Lot of blogs "knocking" the male gender lately ... must be the weather :)

  • Pete, you don't know my hubby who is great for putting off to tomorrow what must be done today and then takes his suffering out on everyone else! But I still do love him! LL

  • Happy birthday

    C x

  • Happy birthday hope you have agreat day! I know what you mean about the dancing fingers, my right thumb does its own little jig or rather it used to when my wrists were swollen. My consultant said it was the inflammation pinching the nerve causing my thumb to move, it is amusing watching it go haha.

  • Slaves, tee hee! i like your blog :)

  • Happy birthday from your humble servant/ slave m lady x

  • Dear lady, Love your sense of humour! :) "Dancing Fingers" ? Sounds like maybe could be a show you could take on the road:) Tour the circus route , or some such thing.

    Let everybody you know just spoil you on your birthday, soak it all up and store in your special memories box!. Have a great birthday! Loret (from across the pond)

  • My goodness the story of your fingers and the dance / getting in on the act has made me smile...and beive me that takes alot at the are a breath of fresh air.....thanks .. Hope u better soon... x

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