Blue Badge renewal

Congratulations to my local authority. I realised this morning that my blue badge expires in 3 days. I went on line to renew it but the application form required my reference number which I would find on my renewal letter. This is the bit that doesn't get congratulations because I haven't received a renewal letter. However I telephoned and spoke to a very helpful young man who gave me the required number. He advised me to apply online if I had a passport sized photo I could upload as that would be much quicker. I did that straight away (early afternoon). Within 4 hours I received an email telling me that my application had been approved. If I could pay the £10 fee on line they would send my new badge within 2 weeks. No assessment required!!

Well done Essex County Council.

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  • Fabulous. Mine was the opposite lol. Well done them x

  • Hi thelmar,

    Congratulations on your quick thinking and doing it online,

    I am wondering why you were asked to pay 10.00 does your council normally charge you when they renew your blue badge,

    I know all councils areas are different, I know that I never payed anything for mine but it was a few years ago and it is now nearly due for renewal,

    Take care

    Loraine x

  • £10 every 3 years. Last time I had to go through a very stressful assessment so was getting worked up at the thought of another one. Perhaps somebody has convinced them that R A doesn't go away!

  • Hi, I must have just been lucky when I got my blue badge as the girl at the council office completed the form for me and the one for the bus pass she took my picture for the bus pass and used the same one for my blue badge, and I didnt have to pay any thing, i may have to pay this time as things may have changed since i last got mine renewed.

    Glad you did have to go through any stress full assessments tbis time , I would happily pay 10.00 as well if i had bern through all that before,

    Take care

    Loraine x

  • Leicestershire council always make a fuss when I renew mine. Need to post the photo and always charge. Never had mine done that quiclkly. Well done.

  • I will need to investigate if my local authorities have put a charge on the blue badge as mine are up for renewal this year ,

  • Well done Thelmar, mine was the opposite I had to see a young lady who was a occ therapist I was rejected because I could walk and put money in a meter ,I pointed out that I had trouble getting in and out of a car especially in confined spaces ,I.e. Most car parks, but that doesn't come into the reckoning.

    Yours sometimes struggling Mike

  • Good news! I have to admit I was somewhat concerned when I sent off my renewal application recently, having read of the problems other people have had. I did have an assessment back in the day when I first applied but that was unlikely to be on file. I breather a huge sigh of relief when I was automatically passed ( I suspect they read the list of qualifying problems and thought "poor old bat" but I'm certainly not complaining).

  • Mine was £10 for 3 years, but the one I have just renewed was £10.00 for only one year and not even a full year as I did it when the renewal arrived, so have a new one expiring next May and still have the old one that expires in about two weeks.

  • Well done indeed, good you didn't need to be reassessed too. I wasn't charged when I applied for mine a couple of years ago but I've just had a look on my local council's site & it seems they do charge now, £10.

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