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Thank you all for your replies . I really don't know why there is so much secret with consultants when sending there reports to your GP at the end of the day it's all about you I will give you a quick reason I ask about this I had to ask my GP for a copy of what a certain Rheumatologist had said in his report and he has stated that I had said my vision had improved which is a total lie it was never discussed in the first place this rheumatologist was a joke made fun of everything I said and that is why I wanted to see his report and went to see an other Rheumatologists who was first class

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  • Madness!!

  • My rheumatolist always copies me in on letters to my GP, which is handy as sometimes they don't reach him. Different health authorities, I have in the past often wondered if they where at the same appointment with me ! Also they take a long while to be typed up and sent. Luckily my other consultants copy me in, with the exception of the eye consultant, when he saw me last year and dx dry eyes, RA related. I am to have a cataract op soon, have the remainder of my pre med on Friday, so will ask the nurse what was said. I think it important to know what's going on, it's our health after all. X

  • Hi, You know when you go to see the consultant the receptionist should ask if you would like to receive a copy of the letter that goes back to your GP i always say yes because what gets written down may not always reflect what is discussed at the appointment and you are quite right at the end of the day it is all about you.

    All the best

  • Always ask for copy of Consultant's letters & always read your notes if you are in hospital!

    I read mine & found someone had incorrectly added that I'd had a Hysterectomy when in fact I'd had a Hysteroscopy! Could have made a BIG difference in future diagnosis!

    Mistakes happen & need to be monitored.

  • I too had a copy of a report. But I got this off my doctor.

    Some of the things in the letter were not said. The consultation seemed to be talking to my mother in law who came with me.

    When I went to see the nurse about a month later all that report was totally different to what was said.

    I only found out all this when I asked for copies for my PIP application. By then nearly 2years had passed so was too late to do anything.

    Now under my GP as I have osteoarthritis & not RD. So much better service apart from waiting nearly 6months to have a injection in my neck.

  • Grrrrr! As if RD was not painful, distressing and frustrating enough those supposed to be helping us - aren't! I can can see me having to put my bossy knickers on


  • Rheumatology departments are a rule to themselves. Consultants and Specialist nurses alike. I've had wrong info sent to my GP from the specialist nurse twice now. I haven't seen anyone for a review for a year now and when I phone up I'm told I'm on a list and they'll get round to me eventually. The 'quick access' appointments take about 6-8 weeks and the telephone line never answered and usually blocked full of other people's messages as never listened to. Did get referred to another Trust when I was getting nowhere with my treatment and that consultant was great but said he wouldn't have treated me any differently and if he was honest his department probably is as chaotically run as the one I'm already at! It's not good enough but nothing I can do. Been through the PALS route a long night time ago and they (rheumatology) deny everything and say what a great job they're doing. So until you get desperate you just plod on with no support

  • We do not have consultants nurses in Canada so I find this a little confusing.

    Here, since I had to force my GP to order a requisition I get copies of every tests done as well as reports from all specialists. I was shocked at how much they do not tell you. I am also angry when I see a lot could have been done to prevent the conditions I deal with now. It is also to late to do anything about it now. Example, deterioration in my spine, colapst areas in my lungs not to mention fifteen years of being treated for chronic pain . My GP insisted all issues were separate . I even stood right in front of him and asked why I was having issues with arthritis everywhere at such a young age. He continued insisting knees, hips, feet, hands, shoulders and stomach were all unrelated conditions. My Rheumatalogist still gets angry when she sees me. She thinks it was painfully obvious.

    Financially, dealing with insurance companies is brutal enough with doctor on your side but impossible if they are not. Then there are the marinade government programs. Systems and bureaucracy are by their nature difficult to navigate. If I accomplish anything I would like it to be facilitating these negotiation for patients who are unable to. Seems we have enough to deal with as is. I seem to find myself in a perpetual rage over the injustice of it all. Not only does this disease trip you of your independence and wellbeing but eliminates dignity at every turn.

    I refuse to act like I should be grateful for the intervention and health care I am receiving. WHAT I have been paying taxes for forty years and premiums for almost as long. I/we have paid to ensure that should I become ill I would not loose everything. To bad , wrong label. Because the medical profession continues to label this autoimmune disease as 'arthritis' people and professionals continue to minimize it. RA is never terminal, everyone has a cure and everyone knows someone with 'Arthitis'. This is an autoimmune /inflammatory rheumatic disease, arthritis is but a symptom of that disease.

    Mortality is a direct result of this disease but is always listed as a comorbidity. If we did not have RD there would be not heart attack, cancer infection etc. Not to frighten anyone. But this disease has a wide range of affect. From mild to very severe. It can be and is a systemic disease which can affect any and all organs in your body, not only joints.

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