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Gp on line access to medical tests


Hi folks seems my practice dosent do online access to medical file .only does online appointment and meds strange .requested copy of x-ray report receptionist printed it but said she can't give me it till gp signs it so hopefully get it 2mmorow.

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Hi it is normal this in a lot of gps mine the same .you do get some let you do it .but never been allowed at ours .hopefully you get it tomorrow or sooner .we usually put request in writing and it is left at reception 2 days later .it would be handy if we could .maybe security

Amy65 in reply to Ajay575

Hi ajay not sure were u live I live in northern Ireland. A few people wrote on my previous post their gp let's them view tests and medical record .

Ajay575 in reply to Amy65

yeh I seen it a few times on here people accessing it. I'm Scotland .sure it maybe in England .even their meds is different .

Amy65 in reply to Ajay575

So true thankyou

I asked at GPs for the last 4 months blood tests results and it took a week and they charged me £8.26. They said it was admin charge. So im now 2 months behind on knowing / having my own record of results. I asked for them again and told no problem but there is a charge. I thought I could have them as has been suggested on here that we keep our own record along with diary to see if there is a corrolation. Anyway hope you are not charged. 🙂

My doctors don’t charge me. Mine said it would be in both our interest if I could view my own so I’m not having to ring and book an appointment.

Must depend on your doctors x


I can view my blood tests and any letters sent. Can also order meds and book appointments. I must say it's very useful. I have seen things not followed up by doc and queried them. I noticed I was very anaemic for example. This had not been followed up.

I can view all my results online, from x-rays, letters and blood test results. Maybe you should have a chat with your GP because by law, you are entitled to see your records.

I think it is slowly being rolled out nationally. My GP has just started to ask patients if they will be interested when it comes

My surgery will write in the results of the last blood test when I go for my next one.(no charge) The consultant (England) gave me the record book for them to fill in. He said it is national good practice guidelines for this to be done. Sorry I don't have a reference for that.

Yes they say im entitled to see notes/results but have to pay them for their time getting them. Gp wont just give them unless i request. I will ask Rheumy but dont see him as often. As said they are all different

I just found out I have cronic kidney disease when I asked for a copy of tests diagnosed conditions etc .gp said we now know to keep an eye on u x-ray results need left hip and knee replaced that's now both knees need replaced the joys of this ra x amy

Hi this came up in my area and a doctor explained at a hospital talk I was at that it depends on what each GP practice and/ or its CCG (funding group that commissions services for area) have paid for when buying the software package. For every section they allow patients to access (bookings, repeat prescriptions, etc) they have to pay extra, something to do with licences, which is why in some places you get access to records etc and others you don’t.

Thank you. That makes sense.

Ah, that explains why my GP surgery by default only give you access to repeat prescriptions, book appointments and times of next appointments. There was something on their website about results but when I queried it with receptionist she said you only got access to minimal information. However, my hospital have developed their own system which includes Rheumatology and I got access to that last week. I can see all the blood tests they've requested, plus all clinical letters from department and times of appointments but not the blood tests my GP surgery does (they do shared care with the rheumy department) which are tested at the same hospital. I queried it with their support as haematology are one of the departments involved but was asked for missing dates, as there were a considerable number over the last six years I haven't got back to them but speaking to a GP at the surgery on Tuesday I raised the issue of seeing my results from the tests they request. GP immediately said he would speak to their IT person and I had a phonecall today advising they had updated my access to see them. To be honest the results are displayed much clearer than on the hospital system so I'm happy I asked but your comment explains why they don't allow access by default or for that matter make it widely known about.

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