Tribunal in 2 weeks

Has anyone on here used a letter from spouse verifying that a bath aid is used for showering? I had a meeting with a guy from CAB who will attend Tribunal with me. He suggested I take photo of Bath aid and get my husband to write a letter verifying I use this aid when showering . I am short of 1 Point to receive standard care rate. Is this normal practise?


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  • Hi Jenny

    I too had to go to a tribunal,and I went with my partner. At the time I couldn't get in or out of the shower without his help as the shower is over the bath. I found the tribunal panel to be extremely friendly and very sincere - it really does help that they have a disability advisor and also a medical professional along with the judge,as it meant that whenever I explained a medical term I didn't need to go into too much detail as they already understood. They never asked for proof of any of my aids,but I did have a letter from my GP stating what my daily limits were,and that included having to be helped with washing ,and also to get in and out of the bath/shower. Have you got anything similar you can give or show them? If not,speak with your GP,explain the situation and you'll find that most are extremely willing to write letters detailing the extent of how your conditions affect you on a daily basis - this should be enough proof,as they will already have a rough idea due to them understanding your situation,as oppose to someone on the end of a phone that has no medical background at all.

    Hope this helps,and good luck - it might seem frightening,but it really isn't anywhere near as bad as I'd imagined - it's more like a meeting across a large desk.

    Fingers crossed


  • Hi Nicki thank you for getting back to me. I wasn't using the bath aid even though I've had it for 10 yrs. I was using wash hand basin and towel rail to get into shower, which is situated inside my bath. When my mum fell in the shower 25th July this year ,broke ribs, developed chest infection, she passed away 29th July 2 days after her birthday. I am so scared going in for a shower so got this aid out.

  • Hi Jenny

    I can completely understand your fears,it must've been awful,and prob still is.

    I had to wash in the sink for months until I got my lift a couple of months ago,as there wasn't always someone around to help me,plus it always left me completely wiped out for the day after,I didn't get quite as exhausted from having s strip wash instead.

    Going back to the tribunal,I'd definitely speak to your GP and get them to write a letter detailing all of your difficulties at home - like I said with mine,they took it as final instead of keep asking for proof. One thing you do need to note though,is if the doctor is stating about how your condition affects your ability to walk,make sure they put the distance in the letter,otherwise they may query that point,otherwise,you should be good to go.

    Keep me posted and let me know how you get on - fingers crossed that it's not as stressful as you imagine(mine definitely wasn't) and that you get the outcome you need

    Take care

    Nicki x

  • Yippee, I was awarded another 2 points so I got the the daily living component at standard rate for 2 years, backdated from june/ 22 /2016.

  • That's fantastic ,well done you. Did you find the tribunal panel anywhere near as scary as you'd imagined?

  • Hi, I think I just worked myself up into a bit of a state. The DWP did not have anyone on the panel, there was just a lady Judge who was really lovely, a really handsome Doctor and another guy, never caught who he was exactly. I ended up in tears anyway, just because I had spoke about my mum falling in the shower etc....

    To be honest I was really not wanting to attend, I just felt sick, but I am glad I did. X

  • Good for you on finding the strength to go - I forgot to mention that the dwp had no one there at my tribunal either. The panel is usually made up of the judge,a dr,and then a disability 'expert',who was prob the other guy who you didn't take too much notice of. I'm glad you felt comfortable to tell them everything you needed to,and that the judge was friendly and kind too. It really is a case of building yourself up for the unknown that gets you into a state,when in reality,there's nothing to get worked up over. They just use the law of averages that people won't bother going as far as tribunal stage because they can't cope with the long and drawn out process it turns into,and they save money that way,which is their ultimate goal judging by the way things have turned out in general.

    I'm just glad that another case of common sense has won over - may you go forward with that little extra peace in your daily routine now,and one less stress to worry about x

  • I would take anything and everything that may help your tribunal, i was declined DLA, failed at mandatory re consideration (or mandatory rehumiliation as i now call it), i then failed at appeal and was so destroyed, but with support of my gp who said he would attend the tribunal if necessary, my consultant who was disgusted and a wonderful lady called Rachel from CAB i carried on and won at tribunal and was awarded 16 months back pay which was a life changer in itself. I had been asked to ring the adult enablement team on leaving the tribunal to give my support there the result. When i did she asked me to attend an appointment at an extra care facility to view a 2 bedroom flat. At the appointment she told me that due to my age i could not be considered for the flat unless i had a disability reward, i was offered the flat and moved in 7 days later, that changed my future. I now live in a purpose built 2 bed flat that allows use of my wheelchair and with 24 hour on call care package. If i had given up i would not have coped at all without the award. To state how ridiculous the process is and how correct the tribunal decision was when i had to go through the whole process again for PIP i was given 41 yes thats FORTY ONE points.

    The very best of wishes for your tribunal outcome.

  • Hi Leonwp

    I agree that the system is absolutely a joke,and it does take every bit of strength you have to fight for what you are entitled to,but I was damn sure I wasn't going to back down - can you just imagine the amount of people that must be terrified,or not have the strength and support that we did to go through the ordeal?! They make it so hard in a money saving scheme that genuine people are suffering unnecessarily as s result,and that just disgusts me!!

    Well done you for having the courage to stand up for yourself,I know it's not easy,but the system need people like us to keep it in check!!

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