Had a really good day!

I've had such a good day today and wanted to share it with you all! I managed to get loads done in the garden today, and I felt totally fine doing it - no pain in my back or knees - and it felt great! This is the first time I've managed to do much in the garden in over 18 months a) from a physical point of view as before i was in quite alot of pain and b) from a psychological point of view as last year when i was really unwell I totally lost interest in doing anything like that and I felt so tired all the time. Fingers crossed I don't pay for it tomorrow!!

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  • My fingers are crossed for you too!!! That's awesome you had a good day!!!

  • I had a good day yesterday too. Went to gym for an hour using equipment that I didn't need to use my hands very much.

    I really hope this is going to last. Had so much energy. I really need to lose about a stone before my sons wedding in July.

    Have a good day it looks like it's going to be nice.


  • Brilliant news! The first of many, I hope. Hugs


  • That's brilliant! Such a good feeling isn't it! Long may it continue! x

  • So lovely to hear that you've achieved so much and enjoyed it;onwards and upwards! Well done you ☺

  • Well done you i wish i had your body so i could do more in my garden. Ha ha ha ha.

    I hope it lasts for you darling.xxxxx

  • Hi Marie. Thank you so much for posting this. I'm tickled pink that you had such a brilliant day and long may they continue. Hugs


  • Great news. Wishing you many more good days, X

  • Woke up this morning and I'm sore......but luckily it's only my head that is sore from the several glasses of wine I had last night, the rest of me is fine!!! Have a good day everyone! x

  • Love it .x

  • It's so nice to have good days and feel you have done something worthwhile and enjoyable, certainly gives you a boost. Hope it continues. X

  • It's amazing isn't it, when you hit a day where you feel like you used to feel all the time, and it is such a blessing, and a small miracle too... So happy that you had a great day!

  • Enjoy it- if you pay for it tomorrow (I hope you don't) - at least you've had a good day today:-) x

  • Fabulous, that's so good to hear xXx

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