It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life, for me and I'm feeling good (and tired!)

Hi everyone

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has blogged and commented on this site as you've all really helped me start to come to terms with having RA and not let it totally overwhelm me.

Thanks to everyone who has shared tips on what aids and pain relief work for them. I now am the proud owner of 2 electric heat pads and a wax hand bath which have really helped me to start being a bit kinder to myself. I have also made sure I'm taking pain relief medication regularly and not trying to soldier on without it at times when the pain was all I could think about.

This has been a big week for me as I started a new job on Monday and was really unsure how I would cope. In an ideal world, I would not work but financially that's just not an option. I think I've been as realistic as possible by choosing a job share position. I work as an administrator from 8am to 12 noon on Mondays to Thursdays and from 9am to 12 noon on alternate Fridays.

The positives for this week are that I really enjoyed the job and meeting new people. Despite the effort required, it was good to wear my 'work face' and 'work clothes' and take some care of my appearance. I had given up trying over the last 6 months as I am feeling so grotty and have put on so much weight.

The most difficult thing has been managing that all encompassing fatigue. When I get home I am totally exhausted so I've been using the gap between coming home and the school run to rest. It's so tempting to try and fit the housework into those hours but I would keel over after a few days. So rest it is!

I also need to find out if it's possible to move my methotrexate day and the best way of doing it. I currently take my methotrexate on a Tuesday (I don't know why) which means that the side effects really hit me on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm wondering if I could change it to a Friday so I have the weekend to deal with the nausea, headache, fever, increased fatigue and brain fog! All tips on how to do this with the least increase in pain will be much appreciated.

Hope you all have a relaxing and pain free weekend.

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Wow hun so glad your job went well.

And glad your enjoying ur electri heat pads and wax bath, I couldnt get through a day without mine.

Im not sure on the Methotrexate change, can you not phone your rheumys office to find out?


you probably need advice, but if it was me, I'd either move it one day a week ie stretch it to 8 days for 2 weeks til I get to Friday.... if I was desperate I would probably just miss the Tuesday and do the dose on the Friday, 3 days late, then carry on using it on Fridays! A lot of these medications stay in the body for a long time and some of them we are supposed to stop if we are ill anyway.

Don't just do what I might do though... seek some advice. You might be able to get a phone consultation from your GP quite quickly; that's the best way here to get quick advice.



Having successfully taken methotrexate for many years I wouldn't dilly dally on this one, a few days adjustment is neither here nor there to be honest as the stuff remains in the system for weeks/months anyway, and if you were to start with an infection you would have to stop it until you're better. So a couple of days will not affect anything. I would omit to take next Tuesday's dose and take it on Friday instead.

If it concerns you just ask for a message to be passed to your GP or rheumatology nurse confirming the proposal is okay. I'm sure it won't be a problem.But also might methotrexate injections suit you better? Less side affects of which you currently have quite a few!

Great news about the job. Well done you for taking the leap. Hope you enjoy being back in the 'land of the living'!

Lyn x


Well Ann. I think you are one brave lady, starting a new job, with your RA and having the demands of a large family. I admire you immensely. I think I must be a whimp; because I would/couldn't have done what you have. I know money is a great motivator, but....... the very very best of luck and health and wealth to you.

Like the others I am no expert but if I was you, I would do like Lyn says and move the day straight away from the Tuesday to the Friday, just leave out the dose on Tuesday and take it the following Friday. I hope your employers appreciate all your efforts. It should be quick call to the docs anyhow to check if you are worried.

All the very best and yes you must rest between work and the kids coming home, take care x Julie.


Agree with lyn, no problem with taking it friday just move from tue, dont take it on both days by mistake though!, thats when I used to take mine good luck on the new job and well done you xx


HI Ann

Fiona here ( Sparkle) I really empathise with how you feel. I am in the same boat as you. I have to work p/t ( or else we would lose our house /mortgage etc)

I love my job and agree with what you say about work face and clothes but oh my god its like a marathon most days to cope with the fatigue.

Sometimes the fatigue is so bad I think they must have it wrong and I must be dying of Cancer or something. I just want to lay down my tired aching bones and muscles and sleep but then Im never really properly refreshed. After a little activity its all back again. Oh dear what a winge. But its oh so comforting to know its not in my head and someone else is having this daily struggle to live.

I understand methotrexate woes too.

I take injections weekly ( just learnt to do it myself) on tuesdays !! and also find next day I am sometimes in bed all day. had to schedule ot for tuesdays because I work Thursdays and that seemed my best option.

Injections are better for me . I am less nauseaus and have less symptoms generally. Though havent gone totally.

Dont know how Long I will last ( Stress gets really bad re finances and long term outlook re pension /old age etc.)

Trying to live in the moment and take each day as it comes. Fortunately got fab husband etc.

I think that Lyn seems to be really knowledegable about lots of things having fought the fight for so long so I would definately take her advice re drugs/treatments etc.

Big Love to you from a fellow sufferer



Have just read your blog thanks for taking the time I enjoyed reading it. Good luck with the job.


Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your comments. Sorry I haven't been on to read them sooner. Only a flying visit as one of my offspring had knee surgery so I'm 'on call' as nurse/mother/general dogsbody!


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