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Hi everyone,

For the first time in months (due to RA, mild cervical spondylosis and general lack of time) I've been for a lovely swim today. I also went in the jacuzzi and steam room with ice cold showers in between each. Whilst I relaxed in the jacuzzi a much older lady shuffled past very slowly, it was obvious she was in a lot of pain and I noticed she had very deformed feet and knees, including a long scar down one knee (RA no doubt). It took her about 5 minutes to reach the pool steps which were only a few feet away.

Anyway I just wanted to let you all I feel really good after my rare afternoon of 'me time' and even better, the sun has been shining since lunchtime! It's so easy to feel sorry for ourselves when relentless, niggling pain and exhaustion get us down but when this happens, I shall think of the old lady and the countless others who are far, far worse than me.


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So glad you had some good 'me time' today Annielou, although I fear for your sanity - steam room followed by cold shower ARE YOU MAD!!!!brrrrr.

Some of these older ladies are positively heroic the way they battle on with such brave determination. You are right. It makes you realise that for some people it would be a relief to have our symptoms because there own are so much worse.

Imagine being envied eh! It makes me want to take care of myself more because what abilities I do have are precious.


It has been a fairly good day hasn't it. Like creaky says are you mad. steam room yes, cold shower i'm not so sure about that. I am glad you had a good day and it gives us all hope. I have managed a walk round the block,but for me this is quite an achievement.

love sylvi.xx


Try the ice cold shower guys, I'm sure my boiling hot left foot tendons and painful toes feel a lot better! x


Immersion in cold water is dead good for the immune system apparently! xx


Annielou, you are obviously made of steel - ice cold shower indeed. But it looks like a few of us are having a good day. I was doing housework today but there just wasn't enough stimuli there to keep me going.


Hi Annielou

Glad to hear you had a good day. Those are the ones we treasure.



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