Good day :)

The simple things in life that make me smile now! Today I got pony kisses & cuddles, even managed to muck out myself for the first time in weeks! Yes I was covered in slobbery kisses & smelled of horse poop but, after 6 weeks of MTX, I actually felt as if I could see light at the end of the RA tunnel. Maybe tomorrow will be different but TODAY I WON!!! :) xx

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  • indeed you did I like positive stories, thank you for sharing. :D


  • You're welcome Sandra :) it's good to know all the facts & be able to empathise & sympathise will fellow sufferers but I do love a good day ;) Heather x

  • Yes it does really happen like that for some of us Roseimay. I find I get pleasure from little things like being able to dip my hand in my bag and not fear hitting my fingers or knuckles on hard objects or write in a book without feeling I'm going to pass out with the pain - or make the bed without wearing splints and feeling sickened or receive a big, firm handshake without wincing. Whatever else I credit (mainly myself for exercising a lot everyday) I know that it's the MTX that's done this for me really and I am very grateful to this drug. Long may it last for you and your horse's sake too! Tilda x

  • Oh Tilda, I can sympathise so much with all the painful scenarios you mention :( but no matter how angry & frustrated RA makes me feel I think it's also made me focus more on what is really important too & to make the most of every stupid little thing that makes me happy :) here's to the good days outweighing the bad!! Heather x

  • Oh Heather I didn't mean that to sound sorry for myself - I'm incredibly lucky just now and know it! I just like to remind myself sometimes how far the drugs and willpower have brought me! X

  • That is indeed a good day - well done. And a good choice of activity if I may say. :-) Always good to find another horse enthusiast amongst us.

  • Thank you Dotty, got back into it again after 30 odd years & it was my time, after bringing up 3 kids, so it was really hard to cope with such a sudden change when I became ill!! which as I'm sure you will know makes every day like yesterday so ridiculously special :) Heather x

  • This was exactly the situation I found myself in! I thought that at age 45 it was time I owned a horse, then three months later bought my daughter a pony, then three months after that RA started. But they were very motivational in getting me back on my feet and now keeping me there. In fact, now I'm out of teaching I am planning to take in a few liveries. Mad? Oh yes! But a very healthy outdoor way of life.

    Dotty x

  • I got back into it about 3yrs ago, with a pony for my daughter too, which I now play with & she has moved on to something quite a bit bigger (16.3 to be exact lol). We have our two at livery & it's been a godsend, as far as help has gone. Good luck with your livery yard Dotty & I hope you can enjoy lots of happy outdoor "good" days!! Heather x ps definitely a little mad, but so much fun :)

  • It is good to hear of someone feeling good and i say long may it last for

  • That's fab news :) .... Can you send your pony round here please :( C x

  • Yes, ponies keep you going. When I started with RA at 53 I could not stroke my pony for the pain, used to go into the field and sob into his mane. Was thinking I would have to sell him when the clever beast injured a tendon and ligament in the field, making him, at 17, unsellable. We were both diagnosed the same day! The worst day of my life; not knowing if Zac would ever be rideable or if I could care for him or ride again. Five years on we have moved to a beautiful place, he lives beside our house with a friend and we hack out regularly.

    When your medication is sorted you will find your way of living with controlled RA. Mucking out is a wonderful incentive when you do not feel like doing anything, lifting a pitchfork lifts the spirits! My very best wishes to you and your pony.

    D and Z

  • Grumpyfell, I was only thinking about you and your pony when I was chatting with Heather this morning on here. Horselife is good for the soul, the mind and the body. I'd say they should prescribe it on the NHS but then it would all become as horribly regulated and target-driven as everything else.

    Bring on the spring, please.

    Dotty xx

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