Sulphasalazine only 3tablets taken

Had gastric and hiatus hernia problems which resulted in me losing a great deal of weight. On lameprozole daily plus benepali cannot take methotrexate. Started sulphasalazine 3 days ago so only taken 3 tablets. Hardly slept for heartburn never have this worried go the same way as before. Any advice phoned and left message with nurse.

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  • Hi Are you on the enteric coated tablets. Mine are oval shaped and slightly shiny as oppsed to the uncoated which are round and slightly dusty....or check with pharmacist. Coated tablets definately helped with my heartburn issues. Good luck

  • They seem to be coated just really scared now have had a rectal bleed

  • probs need to speak to the nurse or your gp before the weekend if possible

  • Ok spoke to nurse and stopped them. Thanks for reply

  • Sounds like a scary couple of days. Hope you start to feel better now you've stopped them. Hopefully the nurse was reassuring xx

  • Hi. How horrible for you! I hope it settles down for you soon. Unlike yourself I am fine on mtx 25mg. However, they added in sulphasalazine and it was horrendous. Heartburn, nausea, racing heart, hacking cough and the last straw was a burning and stinging itchy rash. Contacted rheumy help line and they said to stop taking it. It's calming down now 3 days later and I hope it will for you too. Hugs


  • Thanks calming down now took only 3tablets not for me hugs as well

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