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Sulphasalazine Miracle


Hi All

Haven't been on here for a while as I've been feeling great. Been on Sulphasalazine for 6 months now and I feel like a new person.

Yes I still have the 'normal' aches and pains that go along with RA, but I generally feel well.

Hoping now that I've posted this, I'm not made to eat my words.

Have a nice day x

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Pleased sulpha works for you and happy easter to you.xxxx


I'm very pleased to hear this Mandos. And I've also just started on Sulfa in addition to mtx so you've made my day - you don't hear a lot about Sulfa on here that's purely positive.

Happy Easter to you!

Luce x

Hi Woolly

I had to stop taking Mtx as it was giving me really bad side effects. Sulpha is like a wonder drug to me. My Rhuemy said it's an 'old fashioned' drug, but it's certainly doing the business for me.

I was too ill to work 6 months ago and my GP told me I'd need to face the fact that I might never work again. Here I am, still working 40 hours a week and running a busy house too. Can't believe it - I've never felt so good.

Good luck with the Sulpha and I hope it works as well for you as it's doing for me.

Happy Easter x



I'm on sulfa alongside Hydro and it's certainly worked for me. You're right you don't hear much about sulfa on here do you. But as you say, for some of us it is a wonder drug.

Carolyn x

So very happy for you! Also cheered by your positive blog on a personal level as I'm about to be started on sulpha as a 3rd dmard along with mtx and hydroxy so thank you so much for sharing this with us :-) Have a lovely rest of easter weekend xx

Aww brilliant! As they say I am well jel!!!!! Have a great easter xx

Hi i to take sulph i can't say its the miracle drug, but it does seem to help a lot .I also was put on hydroxy . That was horrid it gave me tinnitus and sickness. Very pleased to here it works so well for you long may it last. happy easter to you xx

Good to hear you've found something that works for you Mandy :-) long may it continue.

Love Janet xxx

Thats great glad to hear its doing well for u i am also on sulpa and hydroxy havent made much difference although hydroxy seems to have given me 'wind' dont know if anyone else suffers from it

Glad to hear Sulfa works for you,i was on Sulfa myself for about 6 years, all though it seemed to control my condition for awhile i starte to have side effects which affect my skin .my doctor put me on Mtrx but this does'nt seem to work for me. I am still suffering with my skin condition,so the specialist has stopped all treatment for now till my skin is under control .i am in quite a lot of pain at the moment and can't sleep at night so I am going to try reiki to see if i can get a little relief.

This comment is good. I'm just about to begin Sulph. Was taken off Methotrex. as I was getting very breathless. Hope the Sulph works as well for me. Thanks

Oh dear - yes, I've been made to eat my words!!!

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