Methotrexate plus Sulphasalazine

Hello Everyone went to see RA nurse last week she is very good I have been on methotrexate now for 3 and a half months now with no side effects apart from feeling a little sick i have been taking 4 on a saturday at 9 oclock at night and then again 4 on sunday Now the RA nurse has given me Sulphasalzine I asked why and she said imflammation is still there in my hands has anyone else taken this as well as the methotrexate ? I have reduced my pain relief by half now I hardley take anything in the morning now I used to take ibuprofen and tramadol i dont have these now so things are looking good at the moment just wondering why she has put me on sulpha as well as methatrexate !!!

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I take MTX, Sulphasalazine and Hydroxychloroquine - I think it's fairly common to take a combination of DMARDS to try to control the RA.


I'm on the same as rheumatoidmummy, like you I have been feeling better (started them 4 months ago) and was also taking tramadol ect, now I hardly take any at all, but my bloods/inflammation markers are not showing much improvement and some extra swollen joints added means that I am now waiting for next step (enbrel).

I find it all confusing, but my consultant reckons that they aim to achieve a das score of 2.6 otherwise disease is still pretty active....mine was 5.6 last time.

I take 25mg (10 tabs) Methetrexate all at once but like the sound of breaking it up into 2 days like yourself, can we all do that I wonder? or should it go past the nurse first?

Alison/Summer, anyone?



I am on triple therapy as well with MTX, Hydroxychloroquine and Sulfasalazine. They were started since April after early diagnosis, so 3 months one after the other following blood results.

I have been given depo medrone steroid jabs to help me get tempororarily better.

My dose is 17.5mg (7 tablets), MTX, 2 x Plaqunil (Hydroxy) and build up to 4 x sulfasalazine daily.

I do take some pain killers in the mornings but generally occasionally and don't need to take a full daily dose.

Hoping that this works and that I am being overtreated and going forward the dose can reduce.

I heard someone say that taking all three is equal to taking one anti_TNF?

- darshin (male 45)


they sometimes use two or even three dmards together(triple therapy)


Hi, I've not long start Sulphazine, and take mtx 7 tablets. I split my mtx up taking 4 on monday and 3 on thursday because i was feeling quite rough on them and split up helped alot. Been given MTX injects to start taking as mtx tablets not working.

I was told not to take ibuprofen when i first got diagnosed? Wondering now though if that was because they gave me dixlofinic and naproxen? mmm


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