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Sulphasalazine (Jezza D)

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sulphersalazine. I have just been advised that I need to start taking sulphersalazine on top of 25mg methotrexate. I dtead it. My consultant said after feet and hand scan it shows my rheumatoid is still active. I dont understand when my bloods are good esr 12 at the moment. I know there will be side effects as all meds have but just wondered how bad they get.

16 Replies
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If you put the name of any treatment into the search box - or if you click on the tag at the bottom of your own post - you will get some of the many previous posts.

My own advice would be - don't concentrate on the possible downside (which you, personally might not get) but the advantages of better treatment long term. In other words don't cross your bridges until you come to them!

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Jezzd in reply to oldtimer

Thankyou so much yes I will do just that .

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Please don't panic. You may very well get no more awful side effects than the bright yellow wee and maybe yellowish sweat. Loads of people thrive on Sulphasalazine. Wishing you well


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sorry Ive just posted my reply and its gone.

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Well, there you are. RA, the disease that keeps on giving. Lol

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Yep I can confirm the yellow pee, haven't had yellow sweat though, no real side effects from the Sulfa - had a headache the first couple of days not sure if it was related or not ?! . Good luck. x

Well I think you just have to try it and see sadly. I hated them with a vengeance, but others on her get on really well with them.

Hope it works well for you.

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Hi Jezzd,

I’ve been taking Sulphasalazine for 5 years and I’ve never had any problems. It has helped me a lot along with Methotrexate! It is always scary though when starting a new drug! Best wishes!

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Im on it as well as other meds and the benifits for me outweigh the side affects I have had and most subsided after a while. Its hard I know.

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I've been on them before, started off four a day and then a year later increased to six a day. No side effects whatsoever. Not even the orange wee that seems to be the common one. Not everyone gets side effects. Good luck, I know it's scary, but uncontrolled RA is even more scary.

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I’m on it x May me nearly human again 😀👍

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Worked a treat for me until I developed a salicylate intolerance (chemical component of sulphasalazine) . I was unaware of how good it made me feel until I had to stop ! Hopefully you won't develop allergy.

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Rubyroo1 in reply to Mmrr

can I ask how that manifested itself ???? Just to know what to look out for just in case ....

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It started with a slight dry cough, which became worse, then I developed a wheeze and breathlessness. I also felt pretty yuck and headachey. It developed slowly over a week or so. As a newbie to the game I visted my GP who told me to keep increasing the dose which I foolishly did. I was a nurse and queried him on it, could it be a sulphasalazine intolerance ? I was told no. (I was still increasing the dosage at this point). I wheezed all night and phoned rheumatology next day. I was told to stop taking it and was seen by them within 48hrs. The rheumatologist diagnosed the problem within a few minutes. Classic symptoms. My chest settled within a few days after stopping and I've had no chest problems since.

Rheumatologist told me to avoid asprin and all aspirin based drugs in future. I now only take rheumatology advice on my drugs, all of them !

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Rubyroo1 in reply to Mmrr

Thanks very much - something to watch out for then :-)

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