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Midweek update

Midweek update

I don't normally post midweek for those following my mtx updates. This is more about my Uveitis in general. I've been on Pred drops now for almost 6months. Minus a verification two week break in which my inflammation was great. I went in today for a two week checkup to see how my latest flare was doing. It's a bit better but there is still cell and large floaters in there... vitreous syneresis still going on as well. He kept me on them every 2 hours. However, he took me off my timolol due to my heart rate running in the forties. He agreed that's too low and said we will see how it is in a month. If pressure is still decent then, then he'll leave me off of it, if up he'll put me back on it. But maybe a lesser dose. We shall see. In the mean time I'm enjoying my darkened living room after a very sunny (i know you Uveitis people understand) and dilated four hour trip home. I will take a better outcome, this flare may take a while to subside!

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Hi Mrsrkendall, sorry you are having a rough week. I know nothing about uveitis, but from my research it looks a little scary. Here's sending positive thoughts your way and wishes for a better weekend

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