C Day tomorrow

C Day tomorrow

So after the croup and other coldy, flu things I have finally gotten my scrip t for Cosentyx and will go to the GP to have the first two injections tomorrow afternoon. I always feel very nervous before starting a new drug due to all the awful reactions I have had to medications in the past.

Anyway it is all or nothing tomorrow and hope for the best. I will be armed with my telfast and a positive attitude. I so want to have no reactions!!!!

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  • best of luck to you hope all goes well for you and you start to get some relief xx

  • Thanks Lynz1983. I saw my rheumy yesterday who said it may take 9 months to kick in. I can be patient but I am just hoping no bad reactions. I live in hope!! :)

  • Good luck! 😎

  • Thank you :)

  • Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks Helenw7, I will.

  • My god 9 months that is a long time hope you get some release before that good luck with it x

  • Me too, but rheumy said it often takes that long. I told him as much as he doesn't want me to take steroids that I am going to, to get me through really busy times at work when I need to be on the ball.

  • Everything crossed for you but my eyes. Please let us know how you get on. Hugs


  • Thanks Jan and yes please don;t cross your eyes, we don't want any accidents. :)

  • Good luck. Will be thinking of you.


  • Thanks Marie. I am going in with a positive attitude and hope for the best! :)

  • Good luck I am waiting to.go on Humora xxx

  • Good Luck on that. I only got to have 4 injections of Humira and kept getting pericarditis so they took me off it in case it was the trigger. I can still go back to it if I need to. I tried enbrel before that and it worked well until I developed antibodies to it and it stopped working.

  • Hi Someonesmother

    I am waiting for my first lot of Cosentyx to be delivered.

    This will be the 4th biologic I have tried and I'm hoping this one will work.

    Good luck & let us know how you get on x

  • This is my third. So far so good but I only had it an hour ago. No immediate reactions apart from the fact I could taste it in the back of my throat. I will let you know how I go as I hear ti causes diarrhea and nausea as common side effects. I am hoping I don;t get those.

  • I'll keep fingers crossed for you.

    I heard about the upset tummy too but I believe it settles over time. Here's hoping anyway!

    It's very much a waiting game which can be frustrating.

    Best wishes x

  • I seem to have escaped this time. I think as it builds up in my system over the next few doses it may be when it impacts. I don;t care at least I had a good result this time

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