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PET-CT scan day tomorrow 😢


Good morning to you all.

Tomorrow’s nearly here for PET-CT scan at Kings College, last couple weeks have dragged, feeling drained, nervous, nauseous, unable to function properly doing best I can, feeling out of sorts, achy, sneezing few times, possibly cold lurking, hopefully is dust from kitchen works being done at moment, hopefully won’t get worse till after tomorrow. My doctor decided to give me course of antibiotics he doesn’t want scan to be reschedule.

Last week emailed Jane Macmillan Nurse asking of my results bloods taken around 3-4 weeks ago, to be told those received back are “within normal range”the other 2 takes longer needing to grow, she did say bloods will be repeated once at Kings. Given results they look promising, encouraging with positive thinking. Tomorrow’s scan will show if there are any other tumours also exactly where they are, hopefully it’s just the one contained, benign would be great! Will have results early next week, I will let you all know how tomorrow goes.

Thank you to you all for your kind messages of support.

Wishing you all a pain free, peaceful day

Best wishes to you all

Pamela xxx

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Sending hugs xxx

Pamelah5 in reply to rab1874

Thank you rab1874 xxx

Wishing you all the luck in the world 🤞

Good news already re blood tests - try to keep hold of that and stay positive 💐

Pamelah5 in reply to Boxerlady

Totally agree, which is what I’m focusing on. Thank you Boxerlady xx

Good luck xx

Pamelah5 in reply to allanah

Thank you allanah xx

We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow x 🤞🏻

Pamelah5 in reply to Lolabridge

Thank you Lolabridge xx

Biggest hugs xx

Thank you Marionfromhappydays xx

That's really good news about the bloods Pamela, hope the others will be OK too. I hope your sneezing etc is nothing to worry about and maybe feeling out of sorts could be stress for the upcoming appointment tomorrow. Good luck with it, I hope all goes very well indeed for you and please let us know how it goes. Thinking of you. 🙏 xx

Pamelah5 in reply to springcross

Blood results is positive also picked me up. It’s the not knowing until I get full results. DNA inside a cell tells the cells what to do, multiply rapidly into tumours, however some grow slow. Feeling out of sorts hopefully will ease once tomorrow’s out the way. Felt bad as I was meant to of gone to hospital with Diana this afternoon, she’s going with me tomorrow unfortunately wasn’t up to going, she did say she preferred if I didn’t go to make sure I’m fine for tomorrow, still can’t help feeling bad letting Diana down. Thank you Springcross xxx

springcross in reply to Pamelah5

I understand what you're saying. All this is obviously bound to drag you down but as you say, hopefully it will ease once tomorrow's been sorted. I'm sure Diana didn't mind, she understands how you're feeling and she's right, you need to be fine for tomorrow - it's a shame you couldn't go with her but needs must. As I said earlier, all the very best for tomorrow, thinking of you. xx

Pamelah5 in reply to springcross

Have been on the phone to Diana, she’s absolutely fine, she just wants me well for tomorrow. Thank you again Springcross xx

Wishing you the kindest possible radiologist and the best of results...

I'm sorry the last couple of weeks have dragged so. Limbo is a terrible place to be. Like other posters have already said, I'm pleased you had a set of "good" blood test results. Try and hang onto that as a positive. (Easy for me to say, I know).

Wishing everything goes well with your scan and you get the best possible outcome. Thinking of you x

Pamelah5 in reply to Kags1068

The previous 4 weeks seemed rushed It’s only the last 2 weeks in limbo, tomorrow I’m not looking forward to, it’s the results I’m wanting, I am holding on to the blood tests being good that’s positivity xx

Kags1068 in reply to Pamelah5

I'm not surprised you're not looking forward to tomorrow, I would certainly feel the same. As you say, the blood tests were good, that's definitely something worth holding on to. You are going through something so difficult, and you are being very strong. We're all thinking of you xx

Will be thinking of you and send my supportive wishes right out to you. x

Pamelah5 in reply to Pippy25

Thank you So much Pippy25 xx

Will be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing for the best possible outcome too. The time must have really dragged for you bless you with the time you have waited for the scan. xx

Last couple of weeks have dragged, this time tomorrow will be over, results next week xx

Right, I’m keeping everything crossed until your next update Pamelah. Hope your hospital visit goes smoothly tomorrow, we’ll all be with you in spirit (just given myself a slightly disturbing vision of us all hanging about behind you as you walk down the hospital corridors - sorry about that!) ;)

Pamelah5 in reply to Monkeysmum

Thank you Moneysmum, Hahaa made me laugh, can imagine all gatecrashing hospital corridors, I’ll be happy once I’m out - thank you xx

Praying for you Pamela and sending positive vibes. xxx

Best wishes for tomorrow 💐

Hope all goes well for you Pam and 🤞for good results xxxx

Sending warmest thoughts for you today, your doing great keep up the positive thinking, big hugs & lots of love.

Echoing everything others have said....just adding my own heartfelt best wishes too 🤗 x

Sending hugs and hope for a good result

I don’t know your history but I wish you all the best and pray your results are good x

I'll be thinking of you & keeping my fingers crossed. x🤞

Wishing you all the luck in the world today. Loads of supportive thoughts and hugs

Good luck 🙏

Thinking of you. Xx

Sending best wishes, hope all goes well 👍 💞 💞 💞 💞

Wishing you all the luck in the world for good results. Bloods sound hopeful Will be thinking of you tomorrow

Liz xx

Thinking good thoughts over the airwaves! Best wishes to you💐

Good luck x

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