At long last I see the rheumatologist tomorrow

After a very long wait I finally have my appointment to see the rheumy tomorrow at 10.35am. He should have my CCP and recent ESR results so I'm praying for some answers. I've kept a pain diary on my mobile and have pictures of swollen joints but just wondered if there's anything else I should be considering? Also I would like to thank you all for the wonderful support over the last year. You have kept me sane and helped me cope through what has been a very dark time. Whatever happens I will update you tomorrow but fingers crossed for a long awaited diagnosis.

Paula x

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  • Oh yes fingers crossed so much for you Paula I know how much you need some clarity and treatment. I waited ten months for a diagnosis - and now will have had to wait a further 8 months to see him again but I have found this last chunk of time since diagnosis more bearable at least.

    A suggestion for you; I took my iphone in with me last time in my pocket on record. I didn't ask him whether this was okay because it's only my own confidentiality that would have been breached and I sensed he might not have been too pleased with me although I'm sure he would have accepted it but I really wanted to make the best impression I could. But I've been terribly glad to have it since then because my husband was then able to hear it all and comment. Also, having had to wait so long to date for any follow up consultation, it's been a huge bonus being able to recall what he said etc.

    You have at least me this rheumy and know you like him and I'm sure he will look at the whole picture and not just rely on bloods alone but hopefully they will support his diagnosis and it will be the right one.

    Please do let us know the outcome as soon as possible - very good luck for tomorrow indeed!

    Tilda xxxx

  • Sorry I meant to write "you have at least met this rheumy" - that is right isn't it he's the one you saw privately a while ago? TTx

  • Best of luck for tomorrow paula. I will be thinking of you. xxxx

  • The best of luck tomorrow Paula. On your first visit, you usually have to get down to undies for a physical, so a word to the wise, sensible M&S plain under armour!!!! No sexies! LOL!

    Seriously, its great you are getting there at last, I remember in the early days waiting for visits and appointments, endless waiting! Remember, there is no cure, but a good treatment plan and a clear outline of what Rheumy hopes to achieve will give you some goals. I assume you have all your questions and queries listed. They absolutely do not rely on bloods alone, well mine does'nt I asked her this very day, re DAS & bloods, as she does'nt really say much.

    Actually she says DAs is really only used here for research etc, she takes the overall picture of the patient and designs the treatment around that.

    I am building up to a blog as I have seen 3 Consultants in 3 days, must be a record!!

    xx Gina.

  • Good luck for tomorrow hope you get your answers . After you have seen the specialist , go spoil yourself, buy something nice . I always feel better , even if its a smelly candle . All the best x

  • Thanks ladies, yes Tilda it is the rheumy I saw privately earlier in the year so I feel a bit better knowing him already. Andy has taken the day off to come with me but I'll go in on my own as I'm a bit funny about having an audience, even if we have been married forever! I'm not going to exagerate anything as I know RA is not a diagnosis to be taken lightly and I want the correct treatment whatever it is. I'll leave the sexy undercrackers at home Gina and wear my trusty M&S belly warmers as you suggested lol. I like the idea of getting a treat after...I'll think on that one :-)

    Paula x

  • Really hope it goes well for you tomorrow Paula and that you get all the answers you need! Will watch to hear your news :)

    Julie x

  • Thanks Julie, have a good night all and hope you all sleep well x x

  • Let us know how you get on. Fingers crossed that the rheumy is good & thorough and takes time with you. And definitely a treat afterwards! Polly

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