Triamcinolone - anyone tried this?

Hello, I have just come across this drug, recommended for use against hay-fever and other allergies but co-incidentally also helping with RA pain. Does anyone have any experience of this drug please? As I've proved allergic to everything except Naproxen and Oramorph over the past 7 years, I'm curious why I've never heard of this before. Many thanks.

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  • It sounds like a steroid so be aware of side-effects if so!

  • Apparently it's a corticosteroid. Usual warnings and downsides I imagine

  • It is corticosteroid & presumably you can't get it without a prescription, so talk to your doctor as to whether you should try it.

    I have had Hayfever all my I've got older it has eased up, but this year it seems to have returned.....but it's manageable without taking steroids.

    Personally I wouldn't touch it, but if your HF is really distressing your Doctor will be able to explain the pros & cons.

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