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Perthes disease pain management

I was diagnosed with perthes disease when I was 2, I'm now 19 and My pain is getting worse and worse nothing helps ibuprofen doesn't and I got prescribed ultram and lortab but neither works I try elevating my leg, heat pads, and ice NOTHING helps! If I can't get the pain under control I'll have to have a replacement, I'm too young for it but my doctor says it's the only other option.. if anyone has any tricks please let me know thanks!

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Hiya Snels & welcome. Though we have joint problems in common this is beyond our field of knowledge really I'm afraid. When you say doctor do you your GP or primary? If so I wonder if you're better consulting with your Ortho Specialist about pain relief, tramadol is a pretty strong pain killer on it's own never mind with hydrocodone too, both opiods & at your young age that's not brill really. I appreciate you must be in pain but I do think it's something he should be tackling treating the cause rather than masking the pain, or not as it goes. You never know he may have other options if it's really causing you problems.

In the meantime rest, rest & more rest, that's the only thing other than what you're doing for sore joints. Take care.

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Hi, I was diagnosed with Perthes aged 7 and am now 29. I am looking at having a hip replacement now as the pain and life limitations have become too much for me, and I have been told by my consultant it is the only option. However, I did manage very well when I was your age with the help of a pain management centre and by using my car to get everywhere. The pain management centre were very helpful and gave me a TENS machine which I find really helps the pain and is much better than taking drugs. I do not believe drugs work for chronic pain. Other than that the only thing I have found helpful is not walking/standing too much, using my car a lot, and a hot water bottle all the time! Ok short-term, but now no longer sustainable. I would suggest asking your GP for a referral to the pain management clinic.


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