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How can I control my pain

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Neck and back pain getting worse

I had a cervical fusion, then was in an accident, which resulted in further surgery, many complications later, with also a lung biopsy and ICD, I have lots of nerve damage, and am in constant pain. I'm on Neurontin,tramacet and dormicum when necessary, I also have trepaline. However my pain seems to be getting worse.

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Ashreya: For neck pain, either opiates or better still, a cervical nerve block. Ask your GP.


Speak to your rheumy about how your feeling.xxxx

Has anything else happened recently to make you feel worse - stress, overdoing things, too little stimulation, weather changes. etc?

It's also useful to look for things that you can actually do yourself like distraction techniques, meditation, small amounts of exercise perhaps seated. Prescribe yourself some heat or cold (which is different for different people) some aromatic therapy, pleasant relaxing music.

Learning positive thinking made a big difference to my perception of pain too. I learnt how to turn negative things into positive ones which made a big difference to how I coped with the pain. I reason with myself that I know why I have the pain, it's not a signal like acute pain to worry about and I don't need to find out why I have it. It just has to be worked through, so I do the best I can. I can't avoid the things that make it worse - doing nothing makes it worse, doing something makes it worse - you have to find the balance for yourself and you don't always get it right.

Ask for help and Best of luck!

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Ashreya in reply to oldtimer

I have been under quiet a bit of stress recently, and I have been physically active a lot, as I thought it would help, I haven't had a decent nights sleep in a long time, I do my daily exercises as well, however I don't have much relief, because I don't know which will actually be more helpfully, I try to stay on my feet as much as possible, because sitting is painful.

The physical activity is really good - produces endorphins etc... but as you say has to be tailored to match what you can do. Is exercise in a pool a possibility if sitting is painful?

Could you ask for a referral to the physio for advice on the best exercise too - here we can self-refer which is excellent, but not to the specialist RD physio which is a secondary referral. They gave me some sessions in the hydrotherapy pool to increase my muscle strength so that I could then join an aquafit class in the local leisure centre.

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