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Just looked at blood tests starting 2014

Interestingly lots of out of whack bloods tests. 2014 my lymphocytes were out. According to test results doc was supposed to call regarding this! I never got a call.

Throughout the past few years my white cell, red cell, lymphocytes, platelets, haemetocrit have all been out. MCHC is often out of range.

I wonder why no one seemed interested in this change from normal blood tests, to consistently out of the norm? Particularly since I begged for doctors to listen to me concerning how ill I was feeling?

Ho hum.

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How far out of range? And for how many tests in a row? As these are just ranges that average people show, rather than limits that are dangerous to cross by as much as a smidgin. Some people have naturally different ranges without it being of dreadful concern. With most of them there's quite a big margin.

My rheumy explained to me that she is more concerned about trends, so a series of tests where the result of X is slowly increasing/decreasing, rather than a one off slightly out of whack result that settles down again by next test.

Over the last 6 years I've had the odd thing pop up, but generally pops straight back down again. Sometimes I've been able to pinpoint a cold, or being dehydrated as the cause but often it just happens.



Yes. It's not just a one off. All tests normal up until middle of 2014. Then all the above out of normal range. Lymphocytes bad enough that s doc was supposed to call me.

I did get a call regarding hyperthyroidism two years previously. But nothing after that.

Odd to have normal tests, then a sudden change for past few years. Also had inflammatory markers a few times.

I would have thought, given the sudden change?

Even rheumatologist commented on how much better bloods were looking, when I saw her yesterday.


I guess you need to raise it next time. Odd to say "they look better" without making any comment about what they were like before. But then "better" is a good thing so at least in the right direction.

I've come to the conclusion that our bodies are fairly bloody minded when they want to be. After a lifetime of extremely good blood pressure mine's suddenly gone off the scale from one day to the next for no apparent reason. Yes I have a heart problem, but not one that should affect blood pressure - go figure.....

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Yes, indeed I'm glad they look better. I've looked at them myself so can see the difference.

I'm just annoyed that for three years I got the brush off from GP when I begged to be referred to rheumatology. I was in so much pain and so stiff she had to help me up from chair!

I would have thought that the change in blood tests, plus screaming symptoms would have raised a flag or two!


'I told them I was sick!'

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What medication are you taking?


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