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Methotrexate blood tests - update

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My Mum and my other half are always telling me off for worrying about things that haven't happened and end up not happening, and here's another one! :D

After stressing out majorly on here about going to the GP for my blood test, I had another text from them end of last week to say not to come in until July. Seemed weird, so I got in touch and sure enough, that's the official line from them. They said the clinical guidance they have had says methotrexate blood tests can be pushed out to 6 months in the current situation. I've been on the same dose for a while now, so maybe that's a factor. Anyhow, just thought I'd let you know in case it affects any of you. xx

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Thank you for the info. I didn't want to brave the surgery again

That's great , yes I heard a lot of blood tests pushed back if you are stable xxx bet you're pleased xx

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I certainly am!

Thankyou for info. I have mine every other month but didnt want to go in unless really had to.

After my latest Rheumy review it was decided I could go onto 3 monthly drug monitoring bloods (MTX). I was previously on monthly. Anything to save resources & my veins, & my values have been reasonable for a little while now, not that I believe it tells the whole story but hey.

I've just had 3 fortnightly blood tests (after swapping over to Metoject) and have been told that I now only need to have them every three months so the next one isn't until July. 😊

My instructions are different. My MTX (Metoject) was increased by 5 mg seven weeks ago and I had to have tests every fortnight for six weeks then monthly for three months then three monthly for twelve months.

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Ah yes - that's the problem: if your dose has changed they have to be stringent to be on the safe side, I guess.

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That's great news! :)

I wondered why the surgery hadn’t nagged me. I wasn’t going to volunteer to go. I’ve been stable for 2 years so I guess it isn’t particularly pressing.

There doesn’t seem to be a set policy for how often they’re needed. At my consultant appointment in Jan I was told to increase my sulfasalazine gradually and have blood tests every month. I was due one this week but my gp surgery is no longer doing routine blood tests so rang the rheum nurse who told me not to increase the sulfa any further and wait until the end of May to have a blood test.

Wonder if all will be back to normal by then.

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We can hope so - I think they'll probably reassess the situation at that point, so you might even get different advice then.

Thank you. Yes very helpful and a relief. My blood tests due next week and going to cancel it anyway. I was preparing myself for an awkward phone call if they said I had to go because there is no way I am leaving the house. I was also concerned in case I would b e leaving it too long. That has made me feel much better. x

My GP surgery still doing blood tests for anyone on methotrexate. I went last week and have another booked in May. Mask and gloves given in carpark and nurse escorted me in felt safe.

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dawkin_S in reply to Pulfs

Yes, when I asked just last week people were still being tested. Like you said, there hasn't been a consistent response overall on any of this. So long as you feel safe going in and they are running the tests still, then that's good. My tests were already moved out from every month to every two/three months so maybe that is the difference.

I got my blood done last week I’m every Two months at the moment and I live in Scotland Granted I was the only one in the surgery as they are definitely implementing social distancing I suppose everywhere is different

I just got called by practice nurse to advise that due to pandemic they were allowed to push 3 monthly testing to 6 months because last result was fine. Not convinced that’s safe 🤔

I’m really concerned about this. I’ve only had 2 blood tests on my current dose and they have told me I don’t need a blood test till mid August ! That will mean a full 6 months. The MTX isn’t stopping my flares and I’m seriously thinking of giving up on it. How can they say NHS is open for business when there are no GP appointments and no routine bloods.

Mine was due last month and has been pushed back to June. I've been on it a while as well.

I'm quite happy to not have to go out at the moment tbh.

Stay safe & try not to worry but I know where you're coming from. I used to worry about things before they'd even happened but not so much anymore.

Take care

Hi, just had my monthly Methotrexate blood test and nurse told me that future tests will be three monthly. Wishing you well Carol

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dawkin_S in reply to Carol41

Thanks Carol - seems like there is still some variation going on. I guess it depends on how they interpret the guidance maybe, as we've seen with the variety of responses everyone has had on the whole isolation/enhanced social distancing thing too. Hope your results are good.

I’ve just been moved to 6 monthly but I’ve been on mtx for a long time (along with benepali) for psoriatic arthritis

Required testing will vary for each of us as we’re all at different stages of disease, different doses of meds, might have other health issues etc etc

It’s not a one size fits all so I don’t see any benefit in trying to compare tbh

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