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Meds affect blood tests?


I don't have an official diagnosis yet, but most likely have RA. I'm trudging along with symptoms that fluctuate. I do have some pain everyday now. Blood tests all come back normal. In the very low range of normal. I do have a standing order for a test anytime I have a flare. I was planning on going tommorow, but realized I've been taking ibuprofen for pain as I have no other treatments as yet. I don't take it everyday, but today I have taken it several times. I'm wondering if it will affect my levels. I've googled it and found mixed results. So I thought this might be the place to find out. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Darling if your in a flare it will show in your blood test darling and also if you see the dr and he will use other things to diagnosis you for RA.xxxx

All anti-inflammatories are supposed to calm down inflammation in your blood. So yes, it will affect blood tests to a degree. However if you're having a bad flare then a few ibuprofen probably won't influence it hugely. Are you still in pain? If so then there's probably still inflammation.

The CRP is a more reactive test, in that it rises quicker when you flare and also drops more quickly when it's over. ESR is slower reacting. So also depends a bit which test you are having .

Unfortunately some people (like me) have naturally low inflammatiom levels so tests aren't as helpful.

I think I might be in the same boat as you. Levels always really low. Think I'll get the test tomorrow. See if it goes up at all. I'm definitely in a flare.

Hi, just listen to your body. I had pain that went from hurt to crippling 6 months of seeing GP’s blood tests etc all came back normal. I was truly disabled and knew something was very wrong. I demanded to be referred to Rheumatoloy! Guess what she did one test called anti ccp test it came back very high and I was diagnose seropisitive and it was a very aggressive form. It was such a relief as Gp made me feel like I was going nuts x It’s taken a year to feel 90% back to normal ! Good luck in your journey x wishing you well very soon 💕

Very encouraging you're feeling 90% yourself. I've had symptoms since March or April last year, and they are progressing quickly.

Tell the phlebotomist who takes your blood, she will add a note for the

lab who will include the info in their report back to your doctor.

Great idea. I'll do that.

When I am in full flare and can't bend my legs or walk, and the doctor drained a lot of swelling from my knees, my bloods CRP (Inflammation markers) always show normal. I don't think bloods always show the real level of inflammation for some people in a flare.

Hopefully you can get some more tests done. All the best x


Yes they can do. Steroids in particular eg prednisolone, can have a major impact on blood test results, especially on the white blood cells, the liver enzymes, and the sodium/potassium ratio. As for ibuprofen, I do not think that they have a major effect unless they are damaging your liver or kidneys.. I believe that this is one reason why we have regular blood tests in order to monitor liver and kidney function in the face of longer-term non-steroidals.

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