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No longer at the bottom of the waiting list!!

No I'm not at the bottom of the list...I'm not even on the list!! It appears that the GP surgery has issued my referral letter to the local BUPA hospital in error so my NHS referral hasn't even been made! I found this out today when I called the hospital to see how long I'd be waiting for an appointment. I had already phoned my surgery 2 weeks ago and confirmed an NHS referral had been made as well as confirming again with my GP last Wednesday. I was so upset my husband ended up speaking to the practice manager and without any hope of an NHS referral in the near future I've had to book a private appointment for March. Sorry to rant again but I just want scream. I've not even been on here lately to chat because I can only type with my ring fingers :-( . Does anyone else get sore finger tips? x

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My dear paulywoo,i feel for you, it gets so frustrating being messed about by doctors doesn't it. You must keep coming on here as we can support you while you try to sort it out.

I haven't been on here for over a week as my laptop had crashed,so i'm back,your back and all is well. Will try to find something to cheer us all up.

You take care,



Thanks Sylvi, I do read what's happening with everyone but find it hard to type regularly. My messages look like I'm illiterate but it's just me struggling to keep it short and sweet. God help you all when I get some treatment lol x


Hmm was wondering if you could get the gp to carry through the bupa referral.. Nhs consultants often see patients privately at hospitals such as bupa hospitals.. just an idea.. rather than you pay privately! I paid for a private consultant when first ill as lists were so long in my area it cost £ 150 just over 2 years ago x


Hi Summer, I'm afraid I've already asked about this and the only way is to pay myself. There's only two rheumatologists in my area so I assume thats why the waiting lists are so long for private and NHS. I'm expecting to pay about £200 but I'm not sure as I've not even confirmed the price to be honest.


Hi Paulywoo, so sorry you have been given the run around. I see my rheumatologist privately as he doesn't trust the local dept at the hospital!

I also have to do a round trip of 100 miles to his NHS hospital to see the nurses - husband usually takes me and we have lunch out somewhere to make a day of it.

My consultant usually charges £130 for an appt and if I need anything doing, like an injection when I'm there, it costs £295. worth it to avoid having to wait for months. I would rather see him anyway as I trust him.

Suggest you speak to the consultant's secretary when you get the appt to find out his costs and whether he charges within BUPA guidelines for costs. Are you a member of BUPA or any of the other private medical schemes? They are very useful when you are ill but won't cover if you are a new member, for pre existing conditions.

Hope all goes well. LavendarLady x


Thanks LavendarLady, it's great that you have a rheumatologist you can trust but such a shame you have to pay to see him. I never realised how poor NHS provision was until now. I wish I had taken out private medical cover but it's one of them things you don't think about until you need it. Luckily my lovely hubby will foot the bill as I've not been able to work since las June. My hope is to be able to look for a new job as I'm just so bored at home. I'm trying to find hobbies which don't use my hands too much. Any suggestons would be very welcome x


Hi Paulywoo, yes, my fingertips hurt sometimes. I get these lumps every so often on the palm side in my fingers too. They itch & ache & are dark red and last for a week or so, then they just disappear.

Sorry you are so frustrated, and that someone dropped the ball. Hope it all works out for you.



gosh you are having a rough time and they are giving you a run around. Hope things get better soon, sore but better shoulder so wont type for long ()



At least now I know I'll be seeing a consultant 2nd March so hopefuly will get some answers. In the meantime I've had a nice day today. I've been and signed up for my swimming contract and finally purchased a new easier to pull on swimsuit. My wobbly thighs look shocking in it but I'll just have to be speedy when heading to the pool. Also hoping once in the pool I can manage the ladders to get out again as my grip is really rubbish. Mum said she can give me a shove from behind if I get stuck lol. It's been so cold this week I'm looking forward to a splash in some nice warm water.


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