Walking for charity

Walking for charity

I'm off to the flare clinic this afternoon. I'm hoping for an intramuscular steroid shot.

I've been not too bad for a few months (PsA) with awful tendinitis.

I walked thirty miles with my dog about three weeks ago. I did it over five days. I'm walking for a kids mental health charity. I have another sixty miles to do. I have postponed this until June.

My plan was to walk from Oxford to Coventry over the space of ten days. However, I pretty soon realised that carrying all my stuff was a mistake. So I did the first thirty. I was fine until I got home, and then everything flared up!

For the next part of the journey I'm taking a push along trolley to carry all mine, and the dogs gear in! I'm proud to have managed thirty miles. It's just me and the dawg, and we camped en route.

I'm looking forward to the next part of journey, and just hoping everything calms down a bit.

It was worth the pain. I'd got so depressed doing nothing for three years, and wanted to do something useful for someone else.

I have been on this site under a different user name. I got depressed and signed off!

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  • Well done you Nettac what an accomplishment.

    Wishing you and dawgie well for the rest of the journey.Hope all goes well and you dont have any more nasty flares.

    The idea of the push along trolley should help ease some of the burden of carrying the gear.

    Just have to make sure dawgie doesn't jump in there and expect you to push him along too-- lol.

    Good luck.



  • Haha. The dog is always off like a rocket! He's unstoppable.

    Well, had my IM steroid shot, and am to increase leflunomide to 20mg. It was probably a bad idea to mention I'd be walking 60 miles as my parting gift. Doc didn't look impressed.

    Sometimes you just got to do stuff!

  • Absolutely take my hat off to you; well

    Done! And what a Fantastic cause.

    Wishing you all the very best on the remainder of your trek.


  • Thanks so much.

    The first part of journey was amazing. I met some fantastic people. Can't wait for the next part.

  • Well Nettac hope the increase in meds will.give you the boost you need to complete your journey.

    Excellent cause and wish you good luck.

    Stay well,take care.



  • Dotty55

    Well done Nettac good luck with the rest of the journey Excellant cause will be thinking of you when you finish your walk my daughter has a five month old pup that is like a rocket too he's lovely thou


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