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Why does everything take sooooo long

I had the results of my chest CT scan over 7 weeks ago. The results were abnormal and I have been waiting since then for my RA specialist to come back to me and let me know, what they are going to do. I presume as my lungs have got a lot worse over the last year I imagine they are going to change my infusion . I have rang every week to be told I will get some news in a couple of days and still waiting. I am hoping to go back to work next week so need to get this sorted keep everything crossed for a answer this week !

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Oh it's SO frustrating , I waited from November to April fort Rheumy to decide my treatment and don't get it till April 23 rd, but at least he really looked and investigated my notes in that time.


Wow allanah that is a long time I think I need to be a bit more patient ! Hope your new treatment works well.



I disagree. The squeaking wheel gets fixed! There comes a point when you just have to pester them. I think we're sometimes too patient! M x

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Oh yes. Actually I should have added, do pester them! Keep on top of it as sometimes the glorious NHS great appointments etc! I was just saying why I had my longest wait, but do call the rheumys secretary and ask them where you are on the list, at least you will know if there's a wait. Hatshepsut has the right idea xxxx


Thank you for your replies. I decided yes I should chase them up and the response was ............I have a pile of paperwork and tapes on my desk you are in that pile I will get to you !

So after the initial you will hear in a couple of days, now over three weeks since my first call to chase them up and I have had no medication,


I used to be a university lecturer in quite a prestigious uni. If I had said these things to my students I'd have been disciplined.


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