Charity walk tomorrow

I'm off to do a sixty mile walk (about ten days). I'm slightly anxious about it as I've just got over a horrible flare. I did thirty miles in March, and this is the rest of it.

I will take it slow, and listen to what my body tells me. I just don't want to fail. Already got Β£500 sponsorship.

Wish me luck folks, and keep your fingers crossed for good ish weather, and no flares! It's just me and my dog doing it.

Thanks folks

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  • Good luckπŸ‘

  • Good luck πŸ˜‰

  • Good luck! x

  • A massive good luck. Those of us with dogs know how much they like walkies, you'll be flavour of the month for years!(?) I hope you stay well & raise lots from your sponsorship. πŸ™‚

  • Gosh you're a brave soul! I'm wishing you and your hound all the very best in your endeavours! You put me to shame. Hugs


  • All the very best for your walk. I admire your attitude and strength. Just shows that we can live well with RA and achieve great things.

  • Good luck.πŸ‘

  • Good luck Nettac

  • Wishing you both the very best of luck. Well done you! Such a determined woman

  • Masses of good luck - hope the weather holds - and enjoy, I'm sure you dog will!!

  • Wow. Good luck!

  • Good luck. Remember the ibuprofen. You can do it with care

  • Bloody awful weather. Walked from Banbury to Fenny Compton (about 20 miles). Joints fine despite the treacherous canal path. Staying camp site tonight. Had shower, washed clothes and had hot soup.

    Depending on weather, heading for Napton Halt tomorrow.

  • Weather still bad. Have to stay put for another night. Really annoying, as it costs me money, and I just want to get going! Grr

  • Hi folks.

    I managed forty miles of the sixty. The weather was dreadful here I. UK, and I was camping along the way with dog.

    I lost two toenails, but my nails are dodgy anyway with suspected PsA. I was pushing a trolley with all my gear along canal tow path. It was treacherous in places. Then got two punctures. Some fab guys sorted this for me...for free! They even drove to a shop to get me some spare inner tubes!

    Six miles out of Napton, and on my way to Braunston, I got another puncture. I had to stop to put a new inner tube in. The heavens opened. Another mile along tow path, and another puncture. I couldn't believe it!

    There was a load of hawthorne blown onto path, and hanging over. This damaged tyres and scratched me to pieces.

    After the fourth punture, I flagged down a narrow boat. They took me four miles to Braunston. Believe me, pushing a trolley along a slippery tow path is hard enough. Pushing a trolley with flat tyres is hellish!

    Another kind chap in the boat yard fixed to trolley. He also allowed me and the dawg to camp in his field.

    We are back home now. I'm exhausted but proud of my achievement. I'm stiff, but not too bad. My feet are the worst part.

    I will do the last 22 miles when my feet have healed a bit.

  • I've raised just Β£500 for children's mental health.

  • Huge admiration for you, Nettac. I reckon you deserve a medal! As for 'just' Β£500, its a blooming sight more than most would have managed and for such a good cause. You put me to shame. North Devon is a truly lovely part of the world but, having lived a bit south of there, I know about the rain! And now a nice warm footbath with Epsom salts for you and a juicy bone for the faithful dawg as a reward perhaps. Hugs


  • Thanks very much!

    It's good to be home. A long hot bath was sheer heaven!

    It was tough, but the most amazing part if travelling alone is the amazing experience of the kindness and generosity of strangers. It's good to remember that most folks are of a kindly disposition, particularly when we are bombarded with the awful things some people are capable of in the world.

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