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In pain


Iam 61 years old and found out I have r.a at 39 the DR's I've seen can't get it together and keep handing out pain pills like candy iam against taking them because of a C-section I had in 1979 when I gave birth to I contacted hep c beacuse they weren't really testing blood back then anyway I use cannabis for pain but there is not much the DR's can give to stop the damages to my other joints because of my liver. Any suggestions? God bless to all!

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Hi I am really sorry you are struggling with the pain, there is nothing more debilitating is there, have you been refereed to pain clinic, physio or hydro I was diagnosed in my late fourties and refused medication, I have managed mine through exercise and natural remedies. What pain meds do you take, I also have a few other health conditions, I think its all to do with the autoimmune system.

Have a look at the treatment section on the NRAS website. It will give you some idea of what you could be offered by your healthcare team. If you are having a lot of problems with adequate relief, a pain clinic referral is a good idea.

Has your hepatitis C been treated? The liver can recover very well after hepatitis C treatment and the treatment is much much easier in this last 2 years or so with a fantastic cure rate compared to interferon days x

Hope you find something to help. Cute dog :-)

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