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So i recently saw my rheumatologist and had a review of my meds as they seem to not be working. It was decided that i would apply to be put on the injectable drug Humira. I live in australia and to have this subsidised it can take up to a month. So while iam waiting in agony ive been doing some research. Just wondering how other people went on this drug ? How quickly did you see a difference? Did it give you heaps of mobility back? Did you still have on going pain or joint stiffness? Did you have any huge side effects while taking this drug. Iam just generally interested to see how people reacted to this injectable. Iam currently on mxt and plaquinel and they dont seem to be working. I just want my life back i want to be normal again this disease is so frustrating.

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  • For me, Humira has definitely done what it says on the tin. I had swollen knees for over 3 years and they returned to normal pretty quickly, well, within a couple of months of starting Humira. Like most of the drugs we take it takes a while to kick in.

    I've responded well to drugs in general, just never quite well enough, until Humira. There have been some dramas, mainly involving psoriasis (I have PsA) but overall my disease is well controlled these days, I'm very stable in terms of mobility and energy levels. I've been taking it for about 19 months.

  • It's been good for me, from very early on. I've had a few periods where it hasn't seemed as good as it could be but on the whole I've been very pleased. No real side effects although the last two injections have caused a mild site reaction, but only very mild. I've been taking it for about 14 Months. Clemmie

  • I have been taking Humira for 3 months now. I have really noticed an increase in energy over the last couple of weeks. I have been cooking and baking again. I haven't been able to do these in years. The only negative effects I have had has been several sinus infections. I am not back to where I used to be, but I have a life again.

  • I was on it for 3 years before reacting to it. It began having results very quickly and I felt so much better on it. Good luck.

  • Hope you get the funding. It's made a big improvement to my condition (PsA)

    Regards Mike

  • Hi I'm currently on the humira injection ( 1month ) and it's been amazing Iv had no side effects and the just about no pain it's been a good feeling to feel normal I no some ppl who are on this have problems and I feel for them , first time I injected it stung a bit but was ok I started in the morning and by the time it was bed time I felt the difference and by god it was good I hope this works for you as it has for me ,I have a question how much does this drug cost in Australia as I'm liking at emigrating and I've been told coz I'm on this drug it may stop my move because it's to expensive and your government won't allow emigration hope all goes well for you , sean

  • Currently for one pack 2 injections it costs 4000 aust dollars, the government health care medicare help pay for it and the out of pocket expense is 35 dollars.

  • Would I have to contact Medicare before I move out to oz to see if I would get funding I was told it might not be poss to move to oz coz the injection is so expensive and I would not get any help with the expense thanx sean

  • Iam not entirly sure. I know medicare does cover some things for ppl from the uk as my grandmother had an account when she used to visit from the uk. Its extremly hard to get on the program its taken my 18mths to be accepted. I would speak to your dr and even ask the aust embassy. I know currently in aust theirs a big thing about making use a republic and moving away from the royals if this happens i woukd think it would be even harder

  • Thanks keryn hope ur treatment goes well and u have no side effects mine is going good at the mo I hope I can still move to oz as its my dream I need to do a lot of research for my move and treatment :-)

  • Sean still want to move to australia?? I live in perth WA and tomorrow will be the first day of a massive heat wave of 5 days of over 39 degrees heat and the lowest it will be at night is 25 degrees. We will be melting.

  • Yes defo want to move to oz I dnt mind the weather lol it's better than here it's currently raining we r hopefuly moving to the Gold Coast hope all is well your side 😎

  • Gold coast is really expensive but more humid perth is alot dryer heat.

  • I fell in love with the Gold Coast it felt rite lol my mate lives in Perth 😎

  • I can see the benifits with this diease and moving to a warmer climate. I would hate to have this and live where is was so cold it snowed. I think that would be really painful. I only get effected by the cold in the dead of winter. But do have the other issue.of when it gets extremly hot my joints, finger and toes swell. I think the highest temp this summer so far has been 3 days of low 40 degrees.

  • I'm the same, humidity is as bad as damp for my joints. When we came back to the UK so many people said that the heat must have been so much better for me not realising it's the humidity that's the killer. There were only about 4 months in an average year that my joints liked! Summers were hellish when the humidity rose. I hope the temp eases out for you soon. :)

  • is a dream come true from the start to me hope to you to good luck

  • I have been on Humria for a few years now. I have my numbers under control but still have some symptoms when it concerns the weather. Other than that I am good. Hope it works well for you too.

  • I have been on Humira for 18 moths and it has given me my life back :-)

  • Like you I was on Plaquinal and MTX but not really working. Humiria took me from not being able to walk or pick up a knife and fork to normality after 2injections ( one month). Been on it for 3 years now and no side effects. Been excellent for me at least. Hope it works as well for you.

  • Thank you all for your responses. I got my approval 2 days ago and had my first injection yesterday. This morning i found i dont have the same dull constant ache in my body but do have pain and swelling when moving around. Iam hoping after the next injection it gets even better. It has taken me almost 18mths to get to this point i really hope it works aswell as it has done on all of you. My goal is to get back to horse riding even if its just a short walk i would never dream of riding at my worst.

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